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Education overview

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All Senyans are required by law to be in full time education between the ages of six and 18, with most Senyans attending a state school, with just 4.6% of students enrolled at private schools. Pre-schooling is very rare, though many nurseries exist around the country where students mostly play, but also learn basic things such as reading, writing and basic mathematics. Schools years are known as "divisions", and begin in the September, and end at the end of May the following year, with December also being a holiday for the winter. Division 1 is the first year of schooling, for children aged 6–7. Divsions 1–7 take place in primary schools, with children going into High School to start Division 8 at the age of 13. Division 10 (ages 15–16) are the final year of high school, after which students can go to either an academic or a vocational college for an additional two or three years (in academic colleges these are referred to as Divisions 11 and 12). School days generally last for six hours and include five lessons of an hour length (though these are much more fluid during Primary School), with an hour lunch break and another 15 minute break in the morning. Students take subjects mandated by a national curriculum, but individual lessons can be tailored to classes. There are no exams until Division 10, where students earn marks based on a mixture of coursework and examinations (depending on the subject). Following Division 10, students must make a choice on where they should go for college.

Tertiary education in Senya is held amongst seven different universities; the University of Senya, the University of Svorgas, the University of Tiga, the University of Dyas, the University of Jogasim, the University of Eprat and the University of Moroni. Around 40% of students attend university.
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