Incorporation of St. Christopher's into Senya

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Incorporation of St. Christopher's into Senya

Post by DES Senya » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:49 pm

Recently, the city of St. Christopher's was incorporated into Senya. The governments fact finding team visited the city to determine what needs to be done to successfully integrate locals into Senyan society.

Here are the findings;

Construction of a new airport is well underway and nearing completion. Flights to Svorgas will be operated by Air Senya once open, with further routes to be completed.

A new city-wide transit network should be built. The city contains many old streets which under Senyan law must be protected. As a result, we recommend the instilation of a tram-network to help locals navigate the city easier. Many locals still use horse and carts, and as such much work will need to be done to convince them to support the construction of a public transport network.

St. Christopher's is a deeply religious community. As such, efforts need to be made to secularise the city. We have already banned religion from being taught at schools in the city, and we furthermore suggest that public re-education programs may be necessary. These efforts though should not be implemented through violent means, however.

St. Christopher's is a bilingual city. The most commonly spoken languages are English and Martino (Spanish). As Senya is bilingual between Senyan and English, we have ordered the closure of Martino language schools to allow other Senyan to come in and teach in the city. However, Martino will become a recognised minority language within the city, allowing residents to communicate with the city's government in Martino. Martino will be a mandatory subject at school and students must not be punished for speaking Martino at school.
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