Treaty with Jingdao

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Treaty with Jingdao

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DES Senya wrote:
Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:41 pm
The governments of Jingdao and Senya commit to a working relationship whereby any matters of mutual concern are addressed peacefully. To assist in this process, both nations shall open up an embassy in the capital city of the other. These embassies will act as the first port of call for any contact between the two national governments.

Each nation will respect the others’ sovereignty. Each nation will respect the sovereignty of the state, its culture and politics of the other nation. Each nation will respect the land border. Where terrain is permissive, it is suggested that a border wall is constructed to prohibit illegal crossings.
Along the land border, both nations recognise the legitimate use of border areas for civilian purposes, but should not tolerate loitering at the border fence.

At all border checkpoints, there will be both customs and immigrations officials from both nations on both sides of the border. Both nations agree that any travellers crossing the border are subject to the laws of the nation they are entering.

Jingdao and Senya will commit to recognise the maritime border as being the line along the Camoleo River which is geographically equidistant between the Northern bank (Senya) and the Southern bank (Jingdao). The border will also take into account the Jingdaoese island, and curve the border to the northern side of that island to ensure that Jingdaoese ships can go from it to the mainland without crossing into Senyan territory.

Both sides shall share equal fishing rights within the Camoleo River, but any military or commercial (ie fishing) vessels should stay on their side of the border. Private recreational craft can cross the maritime border but should not go within 1km of the other nation’s border unless they plan to dock and present themselves to customs and immigration officials.
Lake Lamantia will be treated as Senyan territorial waters, with the exception of any waters that are
a) with 50 km of the Jingdaoese coastline
b) are not closer to Senyan land than Jingdaoese land.
c) When one or both parties are at war, the enemy vessels of either party will be prohibited from entering the Senyan or Jingdaoese territorial waters.

Both Jingdao and Senya agree to forbid the practise of wargames in these waters, and whilst military crafts are permitted in these areas, they should not be engaging in provocative behaviour.
Furthermore, any foreign flagged vessels using these waters should remain in the territorial waters of the nation for whom they intend to dock in.

Jingdao and Senya agree to the construction of a Svorgas-Daocheng railway. The line will be a fully functioning high speed electric line that runs on the route Svorgas-Tiga-Jingbuzu-Yuanbeicheng and a second line on the route Svorgas-Jogasim-Hongsejiamen-Wacunzhen-Miaochan-Muxiecheng-Houhangye-Shazhigang-Daishu-Daocheng. The company owning the railway will be 50% owned by the Senyan state and 50% owned by the Jingdaoese state. Senya will provide the rolling stock but both nations will be responsible for maintaining and upkeeping the track on their side of the border. The train will run daily in both directions and will contain both sleeper cars and seated cars.

With both nations having a functioning space programme, with both having launched manned missions into space, agree to respect the launches of any spacecraft from their respective nations. Both nations’ space agencies should co-operate to ensure there are no collisions in space and that both nations can explore spaceflight safely and securely.
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