Senyan-Riverinan treaty

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Senyan-Riverinan treaty

Post by DES Senya » Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:47 pm

Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Co-operation between the People's Republic of New Riverina and the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya

Article 1: Diplomatic Relations

a) The People's Republic of New Riverina (hereinafter New Riverina) and the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya (hereinafter Senya) shall engage with one another in a spirit of friendship and co-operation.

b) In so doing, they shall hold close communications on all matters of mutual concern. Should either of them hear or know of any threat against the other, the threat shall be communicated with highest priority.

c) New Riverina shall establish an embassy in Svorgas as a location to facilitate co-operation.

d) Senya shall establish an embassy in Albury as a location to facilitate co-operation.

Article 2: Sovereignty

a) New Riverina and Senya recognise the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the law of each other. They agree that the defined territory and jurisdiction of each other consist of the territory as marked on the map of the Micronational Cartography Society, as well as recognised through the Micras Treaty Organization Law of the Seas, also including as properties held as sovereign of the other under international law and convention.

b) New Riverina and Senya recognise the diplomatic immunity of one another's sovereigns and diplomats in their respective countries.

c) Neither Party shall apply any laws to the territory of the other.

Article 3: Co-operation and trade

a) New Riverina and Senya shall co-operate in various endeavours, including, but not limited to, those pertaining to facilitating trade, communications and cultural collaborations.

b) Nationals of one Party shall, for reasons of tourism, sports, culture, or business, be given visa-free access to the territory of the other Party through the recognised ports of entry for a period of 90 days per year, with students registered at respective higher educational institutions being granted 120 days, upon presentation of proof of enrolment at a institution of higher education.

c) New Riverina and Senya will commit to the construction of a railway line linking the Senyan territory of Tiana to New Riverina. This includes the construction of an undersea rail tunnel which will facilitate high speed rail linking Albury and the Tianan capital of Vancona. Both sides commit to ensuring that high speed rail lines on this route in the territory of their respective countries are kept up to a high standard.

d) The train service conducted on the route outlined in 3c will be run by Senyan Rail, with the profits split 50/50 between Senyan Rail and the government of New Riverina.

e) Both will allow customs officials from each other's nations to inspect passengers and their luggage prior to departure on the train outlined in 3c.

f) New Riverina and her ships will be granted priority access to Senyan ports to facilitate trade.

Article 4: Final provisions

a) New Riverina and Senya agree that any disputes between them, whether arisen from the Treaty or from other ways, shall be solved diplomatically and amicably. Failing that, they agree to arbitration by a mutually appointed arbitrator.

b) This Treaty is valid indefinitely and shall be ratified by New Riverina and Senya in the manner established by their respective constitutions.

c) New RIverina and Senya may at any time move, in the same manner as it ratified the Treaty, to leave the Treaty. Such action shall be notified to the other nation and become valid one Norton year after notification.
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