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De hofmaarschalk is door Zijne Majesteit de Koning bevolen om het huwelijkscontract van Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy en Clara Sundara Waffel-Paine te publiceren:

Marriage Contract


His Majesty Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, King of Batavia, Archduke of ‘s Koningenwaarde, Grand Duke of Helderbourgh, Prince of Vinandy, Duke of Brandenburg, Duke of Gascony, Duke of Levensburg, Count of Bourbon, Count of Dasburgh, Count of Girond, Baron of Ammerswoude and by the Loet, Baron of Bergkirche, Baron van Heydelberg, Lord of Audinghen, Lord of Paravel.

(hereafter in this marriage contract to be referred to "Arkadius")


Her Imperial Highness Clara Sundara Waffel-Paine, Princess of Natopia, Duchess of Hazelwood, Scion of the Three Peoples, Vessel of Dual Natures, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Lady in Jorvik

(hereafter in this marriage contract to be referred to "Clara").

Surrounded by Family and Friends, We Affirm Our Commitment to Each Other as Husband and Wife.

Our Lives are now forever intertwined. We will celebrate all of the Passages of Life together with Joy and Reverence.

In Times of Happiness We will cherish Each Other, and in Times of Trouble We will protect Each Other.

Our Home will be a Place filled with Warmth and Light, shared freely with all who dwell there.

We willingly enter into this Covenant of Companionship and Love; from this Day forward, we are as One.

I. Names and titles

With this marriage Clara will carry the names of Clara des Vinandy - Sundara Waffel-Paine.
With this marriage the following titles are awarded to Arkadius:
Prince of Natopia, Duke of Hazelwood, Count of Maconvale, Nawab of Tassity, Lord in Jorvik.

With this marriage, the following titles are awarded to Clara:
Queen consort of Batavia, Archduchess of ‘s Koningenwaarde, Grand Duchess of Helderbourgh, Princess of Vinandy, Duchess of Brandenburg, Duchess of Gasconje, Duchess of Levensburg, Countess of Bourbon, Countess of Dasburgh, Countess of Girond, Baroness of Ammerswoude and by the Loet, Baroness of Bergkirche, Baroness of Heydelberg, Lady of Audinghen, Lady of Paravel

II. Possessions

The property acquired by us before our union will be our respective individual property, in accordance with law. All property acquired by either of us during the marriage will, unless we agree otherwise, be our shared property.

III. Limitations

The awarded titles do not imply political or administrative powers. The granting of such powers is subject to the applicable laws.

The claim to the Batavian throne or Natopian throne is governed by the relevant laws of the respective countries, as well as by the Prima divisio des Vinandy.

For the title "Nawab of Tassity" it applies that Arkadius must undergo the initiation rituals for the "Order of Tassitic Knights".

IV. Children

If the marriage between Arkadius and Clara is blessed with children, then the oldest child can claim the Batavian throne. The title "Prince of Austrasia" or "Princess of Austrasia" is awarded. The Prima divisio des Vinandy applies to the further provisions of succession and transfer of titles.

V. Death

If death makes a separation between Arkadius and Clara, then inheritance is arranged per will. Upon the death of Arkadius, the title "Queen-consort" changes to "Queen-dowager".

VI. Divorce

The marriage partners declare to each other in advance that they are clean and pure. An extra-marital relationship is the basis for a divorce. If one of the marriage partners would like to divorce for another reason, this will be done under the judgment of a judge. In the event of a divorce, the names and titles awarded will lapse.

Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, Koning van Batavië, Prins van Natopia, Prins van Vinandy, Nawab van Tassity, Aartshertog van 's Koningenwaarde, Groothertog van Helderbourgh, Hertog van Brandenburg, Hertog van Gasconje, Hertog van Hazelwood, Hertog van Levensburg, Graaf van Bourbon, Graaf van Dasburgh, Graaf van Girond, Graaf van Maconvale, Baron van Ammerswoude en bij de Loet, Baron van Bergkirche, Baron van Heydelberg, Heer van Audinghen, Heer in Jorvik, Heer van Paravel

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