New Order, Death to Raspur, Death to Shireroth

A ruling council composed of delegates from each of the major ethnic groups in the RIB, acts as a combined executive and legislative body.
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Karmen Joonai
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New Order, Death to Raspur, Death to Shireroth

Post by Karmen Joonai » Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:45 am



Our country is no longer subjugated by the imperialist bastards of the Imperium. We did away with all those whose masters were not with the Inner Benacian Tribes but with the Imperium. We killed them. We sent their off-cut heads back to their masters. Let this be a lesson to everyone: if your master is someone else, your head will be off. We have now left the so-called Raspur Pact. We are an independent and free republic with no master above us. We are free!

The Imperium is evil. Its kaiser has gone away from the natural order by which men all follow and become unnatural. Its steward is a woman who was not only a woman, but one that was created by machines and not by the natural order of things. They are both abominations.

The Imperium created the White Plague and infected us with it so that they could break us down and take over us. They almost succeeded. After the White Plague, they invaded us. They took us as their slaves. But we broke free. But we are poor. They took what we had. They used us as slaves. We must take back what was ours.
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Re: New Order, Death to Raspur, Death to Shireroth

Post by Continuator » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:58 am

מנא מנא תקל ופרסין
A Statement by the People's Shomrim of Inner Benacia

It is no surprise that the tyrants of the False Dolmen, having watched the retreat of the legions of the Imperium and the steady advance of the hated Voortrekkers to once again menace our Benacian lands, are ready to forswear their false pact with the Kaiser, just as they were ready to set aside their true dedication to the oaths sworn before the Dolmen when the Red Mortality descended upon our lands.

What is puzzling is why they have chosen to attribute to the White Plague the characteristic of being an invention of the Imperium unleashed against us to force our subjugation? This is the White Plague after all that ravaged the occupied territories of Modan far more than our own homeland. Are they so ignorant as to forget that the White Plague was not so much a sniffle in the nose of the Prince of Modan when our country was first assaulted and occupied by the Imperium. Do we accept that our purported leaders are entirely unaware of their own recent history?

No. That would be ridiculous. Let us instead acknowledge the more shameful truth - that the puppets installed by the invaders to nod into office the lamentable woman Joonai have to attribute to a later plague to avoid bringing to peoples minds the fact that they, for many years, have colluded in a foreign occupation, and in so doing to pose as liberators now that the Imperium approaches its inevitable demise.

The Shomrim however stands ready; to redden with Dolmen with the blood of false traitors, to expel the degenerate spawn of Raynor's line from our Benacian soil, and to drive the Voortrekkers from sacred Siyacha, now profaned by their hands.

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