Ways to simulate races

Panmicran organisation that organizes races in which the participants drive steam cars around tracks.

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Ways to simulate races

Postby Raz » Sat Jun 30, 2018 2:49 pm

There are a few ways to simulate races that I can think of. We could use something like TORCS to simulate races on tracks that we generate ourselves. I've found however in the past that this can be quite a technical challenge so that would probably severely limit participation. Another option is the way the FMF calculates match outcomes, with "weighted dices" so to say. That would probably be the easiest way, would encourage people to participate as they wouldn't really have to do anything. But there wouldn't really be a strategic element. I'm thinking of the following:

We let players spend a certain amount of points per race, they can spend them on speed & safety. If a player spends most on speed, they will be the fastest in the race, but because they drive unsafe they could crash and not finish at all. Then there will be points the player gets at the beginning of the race and they can use these to improve their overall stats in a certain race. Because of strategy or because a certain race is their home turf. Then, if people do not send in their tactics for a race, we can give them a standard tactic, but with less points than if they would actively send in tactics. For example they could be given eight points instead of ten.

What happens in the race is the result of dice, but the chances are influenced by the decisions I mentioned earlier.

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