[Cliffbase] Rumors Spread

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[Cliffbase] Rumors Spread

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Alfred Priestly was worried. He had heard about Babbit's boys and it was nearly time for Cliffbase's biennial run, when all cycle and nomadic families would be invited to Cliffbase as guests for a weekend of food, fun and fellowship. The run had been planned for months, and even Kizzy herself had agreed to show up for and lead a special Saturday night worship service. Considering the unknown number of people who will be in attendance, Alfred was worried about Babbit's boys preying upon any of the men and women who were attending the run. He brought up his concerns at Cliffbase's full membership meeting, a month before the run.

"That concludes old business, and now we will have membership issues. All auxiliaries and guests are asked to leave," Alfred banged a gavel and waited until the assembly hall had cleared and only full members remained, and the pledges secured the doors, giving a thumbs up, "Thank you. Brothers and sisters, I have an issue. We have read the letter from our Sisters and brothers from Gateway CF. I believe the responsible thing to do is to cancel our run next month until Babbit and his boys have identified and fully expelled from the Community."

Another member rose his hand and spoke, "Our run is one of our most important events. We host hundreds of people, we take collections and donations throughout the weekend and do good things with those donated goods and services. We feed our nomadic families with these donated goods to allow them to focus on protecting us. Needless to say, even Her Unholiness herself, Queen Kizzy, will attend."

"Can we ask her to help? Surely she can do something," one of the younger members asked.

Alfred nodded, "Yes, we can ask her. I am not confident she will help. Ever since she moved to the community to be our queen, she has increasingly receded from public. I believe she has grown bored of the governing aspect of her responsibilities--especially after lifetimes of running other countries--and she has become solely a focus of our worship, and she believes she has to be the focus for all demon-worshipers, which includes Babbit."

An older member spoke up, "We've been hosting this run for years. We should not alter our own plans out of fear," he sat down amid several, "hear hears".

A young woman stood up next, "We also have a responsibility to make our brother and sister Goetics feel safe in our compound and on our turf. There's implicit trust between the cycle families that we expel predatory people who use the demonist lifestyle as a cover for their sick criminal behavior. The Saints expelled John Babbit, that means he's unwelcome and unable to join any other family. His colors were taken from him and burned. The Boars CF guard the highway between us and The Saints, and the Boars know Babbit and his boys' faces. Is Road Captain Francesca here this month? Are any Boars present?"

A small group, wearing the yellow armbands of the Boars, all stood up and cheered, "The Boars are here! I'm Frannie, and I'm the new road captain for the Boars. I knew John Babbit and I want him dead. My other nomads wont let him within shouting distance of you all, our Cliffbase kin. We know of his main boys, we know of Brick. No one gets into the run without showing their colors and those boys don't have family colors anymore."

Alfred called for a voice vote on whether to proceed with the run as planned, many cheered to proceed, but a moderate amount of people shouted nay, wanting to cancel the run. Alfred banged a gavel, "The motion passes, the run will proceed. I will ask the road captains of the Boars, Eagles and Horses, to meet with me after the meeting adjourns so we can coordinate security. Cliffbase is the largest cycle family, we have three highway connections. This has always made us a large and prosperous family, but now it makes us a target for John Babbit. Until we see his head crushed under a tire, we must assume he's alive and recruiting. I will be putting my reputation on the line as Father of this CF, if any person is preyed upon by John Babbit or his recruits, I will step down as father and join a nomadic family to hunt him down. Adjourned!"
Father of Cliffbase C.F.,
President of the Goëtic Conference of Cycle Families
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