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    The Community of Goëtia - A clandestine nation of demon-worshipers, living for generations in an undisclosed location.

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    [Gateway] The Old Ways

    Postby Goetic Priest » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:39 pm

    The Gateway cycle family was an historically women's only family. It is still almost 90% women and the men allowed to join are almost exclusively the mates of Gateway members who wish to raise their bio families together now that the Taboos of Mating and Co-Mingling were revoked. When a young man arrived at the Gateway compound, he was taken in and cared for. While the medics were inspecting him, they found him to be locked in a chastity device, which was not terribly uncommon for a certain subsection of Goetics. But the Family Mother, Tori Muench, ordered him to be kept under surveillance regardless of his perceived lack of threat. He gave his name as Brick, proclaimed he was a true believer in demons and he resided in Gateway for several months. He refused to tell anyone who his keyholder was but claimed to have left the Cliffbase Family on his own accord.

    Brick acquainted himself with the several men that lived in Gateway, and the partners of those men became worried about personality changes in their partners. Eventually he was brought up as a topic in the monthly meeting of all 167 full members.

    Tori spoke first at the meeting, "Sisters and Brothers, you all know of my concern for young Brick. I want him to do well in life but it is hard to invest our time and attention in him when he obviously serves another master. He may have lived with us, worked in our community, inserted himself in our friendships and relationships, but he cannot be trusted..."

    A loud murmur arose from the membership, and an older Sister sitting in the front stood to speak, hushing those around her, "Mother Tori, I'm ashamed you have forgotten one of the tenants of our very community. We must welcome all Goetics to us, you yourself spent how many of your years being oppressed in your birthland? The Taboo of Abandonment is one of our central and defining beliefs. You will not cast out this sweet boy!"

    Another sister stood to speak, "Mother Tori, I agree with, since he has arrived my equal's personality has changed drastically. He is depressed, lonely, self-conscious, a mere husk of the man he was. He refuses relations with me, or any other woman or man I suggest to him. He seems embarrassed, refusing to look me in the eyes, almost as if he thinks I know some deep dark terrible secret of his."

    Several other women stood up and clapped approval, nodding along with her.

    Mother Tori took back the floor, "Our elder sister has a point, we must protect our own. But at what cost? At what point do we root out those in our community acting in bad faith? Those insidious, desperate parasites that prey upon those of us who may be sensitive and trusting? And do we not encourage this communal sense of inherent trust as a defining feature of the Community at large? 'If you are Goetic, you are trustworthy,' is what allowed us to survive for many generations."

    The older sister stood to speak up again, "Why is there any discussion on this? In the old days we did not discuss such things," she gestured to the women worried about their equals, "If your men are not pleasing you, you must reprimand them! Things were much simpler in the Old Ways. We could come and go and do as we pleased. Now that a light has shown on us we must feel like cockroaches and scatter back in the dark? Make your men obey, if they act subservient then they must need better training!"

    A brother stood up, "I beg to differ with our elder sister. The Old Ways were wrong. The old ways attracted a certain type of person we should not have in our community. Subservience? Training? Obedience? What are those except the words of the so-called 'righteous religions?' We serve our demon-lords yes, but we expect and demand payment in return. Maybe you elders thought the old way of masters and slaves was necessary to keep our community secret and continuing. I believe it could have been done differently but we can't change the past. We gain power from our demon worship. We consider ourselves liberated from the societal limitations of the god-fearing people, because we fear no god or no person! The old ways must be rebuked, now and permanently. Mother Tori, I make a motion that we send a formal resolution to the next CCF meeting that explicitly forbids and condemns the practice of the old ways!"

    Many members stood up in support, cheering and pumping their fists. A voice vote was called and support for the resolution was passed.

    The next day Brick vanished. Several other men all of them with bio families, also vanished. The Wolves and the Tigers were instructed to find these missing men on the highways leaving Gateway but they found no trace. Tori sent word to the other Cycle Families to be on alert for strangers like Brick, but it had already been months since Brick first showed up. She hoped her warning did not come too late.
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    Re: [Gateway] The Old Ways

    Postby Kaiser Ayreon IV » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:20 am

    I see my message yesterday inspired you!
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