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    The Community of Goëtia - A clandestine nation of demon-worshipers, living for generations in an undisclosed location.

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    [Nearby Island] John Babbit's Revenge

    Postby Goetic Priest » Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:53 pm

    John Babbit wrote:John Babbit washed ashore, unconscious, on Nearby Island. He was awoken by a seagull landing on his chest and squawking in his face. Nearby was a tiny island, it had no cities that he knew of, but it was nearby (the Goetics didn't know what else to call it), yet he heard some voices in the distance. He shooed the gulls away but they followed him, drawn to his permanent fish stench curse.

    After a few hours he came across several men, also seemingly washed ashore. He recognized them as members of his old cycle family. He roused them and brought them some coconuts.

    "My boys, what are you doing here?"

    "Sir, after you were expelled, people came around asking us a lot of questions, on account of how close we were to you, and that we assisted you in your devotions to Demon-Lord Furfur. They claim you abused Furfur's knowledge of secret things to blackmail people into subservience, going against the core Goetic tenet of self-ownership, and sabotaged Goetia's emergence on the world stage. We challenged their accusations, Sir, and told them that they simply do not understand you or Furfur's wisdom and True Sight. They expelled us, although we would have gladly left after how they treated you."

    John nodded and smiled at the boys, "You're good boys. Very obedient. Those fools in the Conference lost sight of the Old Ways that made us demon-worshipers great! All they want to do is become mainstream, to water down our most heinous and truly demonic proclivities. But demons will never be mainstream! We should never be accepted by society, we should never be on a map! We should never befriend the god-fearing! We must preserve our true ways here, as stalwart servants of the Old Ways."

    The boys all nodded and cheered and hugged each other and then lined up to receive their punishments as John Babbit began to hit them. The subservient men embraced this punishment, which they had deluded themselves into seeing as a reward, as they had been told countless times before that the punishments were only to improve their character.

    After the boys had been beaten nearly unconscious, John spoke again, but his voice broke slightly, "I do still have Furfur's favor, he said as he gestured to his half-eaten earlobes, so we are not totally without hope. There are 6 of you, so we shall form a new Family here, on Nearby Island, and slowly increase our numbers. It seems that some of you were sparred the curse of fishflesh, I will send you out to the other Families to recruit the most desperate, most vulnerable men of those groups. Lure them back to me so I may reveal their inner most secrets to them and secure their loyalty and destroy their existing friendships and relationships. In time, we will have enough boys, and one of of the new ones will return to Gathering Place and demand our new family be admitted to the Conference and we will return the Community to the Old Ways whether they like it or not. And why is that, My boys?"

    "Because you know best for us, Sir."
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