D-819-1 Funding Operation Hugo Grotius

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D-819-1 Funding Operation Hugo Grotius

Post by Raz » Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:07 pm

Providing law to the land and the people of the Alriggian Republic.

Accepted on the elevent day of the eight month of the two-thousand and nineteenth year of our Lord.

A sum of 50,000 Kala, to be used for salaries and expenses, will be made available for a mission to assist the Jingdaoese Empire in its endeavor to protect the freedom of navigation in the Dyre Strait. A total of 20 sailors will be placed on Jingdaoese war ships participating in Operation Hugo Grotius.

Accepted by the necessary majority of the council, as presided by and under the witness of

President Hieronim Erazm of the Alriggian Republic
Light of Heavens

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