D-420-1 National Medical Emergency State

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D-420-1 National Medical Emergency State

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Providing law to the land and the people of the Alriggian Republic.

Accepted on the fourth day of the fourth month of the two-thousand and twentieth year of our Lord. Being the 1683rd year of the New Common Calendar.

The Council of Driftwood makes known that it has decided to give its president the power to declare a state of national medical emergency, during which the following rules can be introduced at the discretion of the president:
  • That breathing masks must be worn outside the home.
  • That intensive car beds are only offered to people under the age of 60, with a body mass index below 30.
  • That recreational activities indoors are banned.
  • That all people who do not share a household, and do not practice a medical profession at that moment, need to keep 2 rics distance from each other at all times.
The Council of Driftwood stresses the following: A state of medical emergency does not grant any organisation the right to introduce their own rules which make it difficult for their own staff or visitors to use hygienic facilities or sanitation. Customers are always entitled to be able to wash their hands at any company or shop, and suppliers and/or drivers are additionally always entitled to use the toilets, and a shower if they are expected to wait more than three hours at any facility.

A national medical emergency state becomes active immediately after being issued by the president, after which the Council of Driftwood is consulted via a video-conference within 48 hours. The Council of Driftwood can overrule the decision with a simple majority.

Accepted by the necessary majority of the council, as presided by and under the witness of

President Luo Dai of the Alriggian Republic

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