D-1119-1 Modernising the coast guard

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D-1119-1 Modernising the coast guard

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Providing law to the land and the people of the Alriggian Republic.

Accepted on the tenth day of the eleventh month of the two-thousand and nineteenth year of our Lord. Being the 1678th year of the New Common Calendar.

The Council of Driftwood makes known that it has decided that will buy new ships for the coast guard and harbour services from Gong Shipyards, located in Erlgau. A total of six corvettes of the Gong Customs Corvette Class Mk III, twelve patrol boats of the Gong Customs E-Patrol Boat Class Mk II and nine pilot boats of the Gong E-Pilot Boat Class Mk I will be bought.

Starting in 1680, each year of the common calendar one corvette, two patrol boats and one pilot boat will be delivered to an Alriggian coastal harbour specified by the Council of Driftwood until the order is completed.

The Council of Driftwood will pay eighty million kala per corvette, one million kala per patrol boat and one million kala per pilot boat. For each vessel that is delivered behind schedule, a 1% price deduction per month has been agreed on.

Accepted by the necessary majority of the council, as presided by and under the witness of

President Hieronim Erazm of the Alriggian Republic
Light of Heavens

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