D-619-4 Funding (Deletion log)

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D-619-4 Funding (Deletion log)

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Providing law to the land and the people of the Alriggian Republic.

Accepted on the twenty-seventh day of the sixth month of the two-thousand and nineteenth year of our Lord.

A loan of 25,000 kala will be extended to (Deletion log) Plc so that it can extend its fleet of lorries and build a destruction facility in Driftwood. This loan will carry a 5% per annum interest rate and will be repaid before the end of 1684. In the case that full repayment has not been made by that date, all assets, but none of the liabilities, of (Deletion log) Plc will fall to the Council of Driftwood.

Accepted by the necessary majority of the council, as presided by and under the witness of

President Hieronim Erazm of the Alriggian Republic
Light of Heavens

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