Super League 2020

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Super League 2020

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The 2020 Super League season is here!
18 of the best Florian rugby league teams will battle it out over 29 rounds to become the champions of Apollonia.
Three new teams make their debut seasons in the competition: Cherry Rock Lakers, Meadowedge Rabbitohs and Newmarsh Olympic who will be trying to stay in the league for next season. The 2020 season is to be the most exciting yet with the Super League Grand Final to played at Farrar International Stadium for the first time!
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Re: Super League 2020

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Round 1

Birmingham Titans 18-34 Westlake Wildcats
Blackoak Bulls 25-10 Southern Storm
Blackoak Giants 22-26 Stonehall Rhinos
Cherry Rock Lakers 13-22 Northcliff Roosters
Dragonmoor Devils 6-34 Northcliff Tigers
Dragonmoor Dragons 24-18 Oldhaven Wolfpack
Havenbarrow Wolves 19-6 Northsilver Panthers
Meadowedge Rabbitohs 18-22 Newmarsh Saints
Meadowedge Warriors 34-18 Newmarsh Olympic

Round 2

Westlake Wildcats 27-6 Newmarsh Olympic
Newmarsh Saints 12-30 Meadowedge Warriors
Northsilver Panthers 18–24 Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Oldhaven Wolfpack 32–6 Havenbarrow Wolves
Northcliff Tigers 18–28 Dragonmoor Dragons
Northcliff Roosters 24–20 Dragonmoor Devils
Stonehall Rhinos 20–18 Cherry Rock Lakers
Southern Storm 20–18 Blackoak Giants
Birmingham Titans 28–14 Blackoak Bulls

Round 3

Blackoak Bulls 16-34 Westlake Wildcats
Blackoak Giants 0-33 Birmingham Titans
Cherry Rock Lakers 4-38 Southern Storm
Dragonmoor Devils 17-18 Stonehall Rhinos
Dragonmoor Dragons 24-16 Northcliff Roosters
Havenbarrow Wolves 16-22 Northcliff Tigers
Meadowedge Rabbitohs 18-22 Oldhaven Wolfpack
Meadowedge Warriors 18-24 Northsilver Panthers
Newmarsh Olympic 18-28 Newmarsh Saints

Round 4

Westlake Wildcats 12-29 Newmarsh Saints
Northsilver Panthers 18-19 Newmarsh Olympic
Oldhaven Wolfpack 34-16 Meadowedge Warriors
Northcliff Tigers 16-19 Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Northcliff Roosters 35-0 Havenbarrow Wolves
Stonehall Rhinos 30-12 Dragonmoor Dragons
Southern Storm 28-16 Dragonmoor Devils
Birmingham Titans 18-22 Cherry Rock Lakers
Blackoak Bulls 32-4 Blackoak Giants

Round 5

Blackoak Giants 17-18 Westlake Wildcats
Cherry Rock Lakers 18-24 Blackoak Bulls
Dragonmoor Devils 30-12 Birmingham Titans
Dragonmoor Dragons 13-20 Southern Storm
Havenbarrow Wolves 20-16 Stonehall Rhinos
Meadowedge Rabbitohs 28-8 Northcliff Roosters
Meadowedge Warriors 24-18 Northcliff Tigers
Newmarsh Olympic 22-16 Oldhaven Wolfpack
Newmarsh Saints 22-16 Northsilver Panthers

Round 6

Westlake Wildcats 13–19 Northsilver Panthers
Oldhaven Wolfpack 18–34 Newmarsh Saints
Northcliff Tigers 36-6 Newmarsh Olympic
Northcliff Roosters 24-18 Meadowedge Warriors
Stonehall Rhinos 12-28 Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Southern Storm 42-12 Havenbarrow Wolves
Birmingham Titans 22-18 Dragonmoor Dragons
Blackoak Bulls 24-26 Dragonmoor Devils
Blackoak Giants 22-18 Cherry Rock Lakers

Round 7
Cherry Rock Lakers 18–19 Westlake Wildcats
Dragonmoor Devils 28-18 Blackoak Giants
Dragonmoor Dragons 35-12 Blackoak Bulls
Havenbarrow Wolves 24-19 Birmingham Titans
Meadowedge Rabbitohs 18-24 Southern Storm
Meadowedge Warriors 36-18 Stonehall Rhinos
Newmarsh Olympic 18-24 Northcliff Roosters
Newmarsh Saints 24-16 Northcliff Tigers
Northsilver Panthers 24-12 Oldhaven Wolfpack

Round 8

Westlake Wildcats 28–24 Oldhaven Wolfpack
Northcliff Tigers 28-12 Northsilver Panthers
Northcliff Roosters 28-10 Newmarsh Saints
Stonehall Rhinos 32-18 Newmarsh Olympic
Southern Storm 42-12 Meadowedge Warriors
Birmingham Titans 18-17 Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Blackoak Bulls 30-12 Havenbarrow Wolves
Blackoak Giants 25-12 Dragonmoor Dragons
Cherry Rock Lakers 10-30 Dragonmoor Devils

Round 9

Dragonmoor Devils 16-24 Westlake Wildcats
Dragonmoor Dragons 34-12 Cherry Rock Lakers
Havenbarrow Wolves 24-18 Blackoak Giants
Meadowedge Rabbitohs 28-10 Blackoak Bulls
Meadowedge Warriors 34-4 Birmingham Titans
Newmarsh Olympic 18-24 Southern Storm
Newmarsh Saints 20-18 Stonehall Rhinos
Northsilver Panthers 18-20 Northcliff Roosters
Oldhaven Wolfpack 16-22 Northcliff Tigers

Round 10

Westlake Wildcats 24-18 Northcliff Tigers
Northcliff Roosters 18-32 Oldhaven Wolfpack
Stonehall Rhinos 18-24 Northsilver Panthers
Southern Storm 24-12 Newmarsh Saints
Birmingham Titans 22-20 Newmarsh Olympic
Blackoak Bulls 27-12 Meadowedge Warriors
Blackoak Giants 30-18 Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Cherry Rock Lakers 18-25 Havenbarrow Wolves
Dragonmoor Devils 32-18 Dragonmoor Dragons

Round 11

Dragonmoor Dragons 24–18 Westlake Wildcats
Havenbarrow Wolves 28–12 Dragonmoor Devils
Meadowedge Rabbitohs 34–6 Cherry Rock Lakers
Meadowedge Warriors 19–24 Blackoak Giants
Newmarsh Olympic 30–12 Blackoak Bulls
Newmarsh Saints 29-6 Birmingham Titans
Northsilver Panthers 12–20 Southern Storm
Oldhaven Wolfpack 22–18 Stonehall Rhinos
Northcliff Tigers 28–10 Northcliff Roosters

Round 12

Westlake Wildcats 20-18 Northcliff Roosters
Stonehall Rhinos 30-24 Northcliff Tigers
Southern Storm 34-10 Oldhaven Wolfpack
Birmingham Titans 24-18 Northsilver Panthers
Blackoak Bulls 30-10 Newmarsh Saints
Blackoak Giants 16-32 Newmarsh Olympic
Cherry Rock Lakers 18-20 Meadowedge Warriors
Dragonmoor Devils 20-16 Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Dragonmoor Dragons 30-12 Havenbarrow Wolves

Round 13

Havenbarrow Wolves 28-12 Westlake Wildcats
Meadowedge Rabbitohs 16-26 Dragonmoor Dragons
Meadowedge Warriors 14-18 Dragonmoor Devils
Newmarsh Olympic 30-18 Cherry Rock Lakers
Newmarsh Saints 14-24 Blackoak Giants
Northsilver Panthers 30-10 Blackoak Bulls
Oldhaven Wolfpack 26-24 Birmingham Titans
Northcliff Tigers 22-18 Southern Storm
Northcliff Roosters 22-16 Stonehall Rhinos

Round 14

Westlake Wildcats v Stonehall Rhinos
Southern Storm v Northcliff Roosters
Birmingham Titans v Northcliff Tigers
Blackoak Bulls v Oldhaven Wolfpack
Blackoak Giants v Northsilver Panthers
Cherry Rock Lakers v Newmarsh Saints
Dragonmoor Devils v Newmarsh Olympic
Dragonmoor Dragons v Meadowedge Warriors
Havenbarrow Wolves v Meadowedge Rabbitohs

Round 15

Meadowedge Rabbitohs v Westlake Wildcats
Meadowedge Warriors v Havenbarrow Wolves
Newmarsh Olympic v Dragonmoor Dragons
Newmarsh Saints v Dragonmoor Devils
Northsilver Panthers v Cherry Rock Lakers
Oldhaven Wolfpack v Blackoak Giants
Northcliff Tigers v Blackoak Bulls
Northcliff Roosters v Birmingham Titans
Stonehall Rhinos v Southern Storm

Round 16

Westlake Wildcats v Southern Storm
Birmingham Titans v Stonehall Rhinos
Blackoak Bulls v Northcliff Roosters
Blackoak Giants v Northcliff Tigers
Cherry Rock Lakers v Oldhaven Wolfpack
Dragonmoor Devils v Northsilver Panthers
Dragonmoor Dragons v Newmarsh Saints
Havenbarrow Wolves v Newmarsh Olympic
Meadowedge Rabbitohs v Meadowedge Warriors

Round 17

Meadowedge Warriors v Westlake Wildcats
Newmarsh Olympic v Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Newmarsh Saints v Havenbarrow Wolves
Northsilver Panthers v Dragonmoor Dragons
Oldhaven Wolfpack v Dragonmoor Devils
Northcliff Tigers v Cherry Rock Lakers
Northcliff Roosters v Blackoak Giants
Stonehall Rhinos v Blackoak Bulls
Southern Storm v Birmingham Titans

Round 18

Westlake Wildcats v Meadowedge Warriors
Meadowedge Rabbitohs v Newmarsh Olympic
Havenbarrow Wolves v Newmarsh Saints
Dragonmoor Dragons v Northsilver Panthers
Dragonmoor Devils v Oldhaven Wolfpack
Cherry Rock Lakers v Northcliff Tigers
Blackoak Giants v Northcliff Roosters
Blackoak Bulls v Stonehall Rhinos
Birmingham Titans v Southern Storm

Round 19

Southern Storm v Westlake Wildcats
Stonehall Rhinos v Birmingham Titans
Northcliff Roosters v Blackoak Bulls
Northcliff Tigers v Blackoak Giants
Oldhaven Wolfpack v Cherry Rock Lakers
Northsilver Panthers v Dragonmoor Devils
Newmarsh Saints v Dragonmoor Dragons
Newmarsh Olympic v Havenbarrow Wolves
Meadowedge Warriors v Meadowedge Rabbitohs

Round 20

Westlake Wildcats v Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Havenbarrow Wolves v Meadowedge Warriors
Dragonmoor Dragons v Newmarsh Olympic
Dragonmoor Devils v Newmarsh Saints
Cherry Rock Lakers v Northsilver Panthers
Blackoak Giants v Oldhaven Wolfpack
Blackoak Bulls v Northcliff Tigers
Birmingham Titans v Northcliff Roosters
Southern Storm v Stonehall Rhinos

Round 21

Stonehall Rhinos v Westlake Wildcats
Northcliff Roosters v Southern Storm
Northcliff Tigers v Birmingham Titans
Oldhaven Wolfpack v Blackoak Bulls
Northsilver Panthers v Blackoak Giants
Newmarsh Saints v Cherry Rock Lakers
Newmarsh Olympic v Dragonmoor Devils
Meadowedge Warriors v Dragonmoor Dragons
Meadowedge Rabbitohs v Havenbarrow Wolves

Round 22

Westlake Wildcats v Havenbarrow Wolves
Dragonmoor Dragons v Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Dragonmoor Devils v Meadowedge Warriors
Cherry Rock Lakers v Newmarsh Olympic
Blackoak Giants v Newmarsh Saints
Blackoak Bulls v Northsilver Panthers
Birmingham Titans v Oldhaven Wolfpack
Southern Storm v Northcliff Tigers
Stonehall Rhinos v Northcliff Roosters

Round 23

Northcliff Roosters v Westlake Wildcats
Northcliff Tigers v Stonehall Rhinos
Oldhaven Wolfpack v Southern Storm
Northsilver Panthers v Birmingham Titans
Newmarsh Saints v Blackoak Bulls
Newmarsh Olympic v Blackoak Giants
Meadowedge Warriors v Cherry Rock Lakers
Meadowedge Rabbitohs v Dragonmoor Devils
Havenbarrow Wolves v Dragonmoor Dragons

Round 24

Westlake Wildcats v Dragonmoor Dragons
Dragonmoor Devils v Havenbarrow Wolves
Cherry Rock Lakers v Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Blackoak Giants v Meadowedge Warriors
Blackoak Bulls v Newmarsh Olympic
Birmingham Titans v Newmarsh Saints
Southern Storm v Northsilver Panthers
Stonehall Rhinos v Oldhaven Wolfpack
Northcliff Roosters v Northcliff Tigers

Round 25

Northcliff Tigers v Westlake Wildcats
Oldhaven Wolfpack v Northcliff Roosters
Northsilver Panthers v Stonehall Rhinos
Newmarsh Saints v Southern Storm
Newmarsh Olympic v Birmingham Titans
Meadowedge Warriors v Blackoak Bulls
Meadowedge Rabbitohs v Blackoak Giants
Havenbarrow Wolves v Cherry Rock Lakers
Dragonmoor Dragons v Dragonmoor Devils

Round 26

Westlake Wildcats v Dragonmoor Devils
Cherry Rock Lakers v Dragonmoor Dragons
Blackoak Giants v Havenbarrow Wolves
Blackoak Bulls v Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Birmingham Titans v Meadowedge Warriors
Southern Storm v Newmarsh Olympic
Stonehall Rhinos v Newmarsh Saints
Northcliff Roosters v Northsilver Panthers
Northcliff Tigers v Oldhaven Wolfpack

Round 27

Oldhaven Wolfpack v Westlake Wildcats
Northsilver Panthers v Northcliff Tigers
Newmarsh Saints v Northcliff Roosters
Newmarsh Olympic v Stonehall Rhinos
Meadowedge Warriors v Southern Storm
Meadowedge Rabbitohs v Birmingham Titans
Havenbarrow Wolves v Blackoak Bulls
Dragonmoor Dragons v Blackoak Giants
Dragonmoor Devils v Cherry Rock Lakers

Round 28

Westlake Wildcats v Cherry Rock Lakers
Blackoak Giants v Dragonmoor Devils
Blackoak Bulls v Dragonmoor Dragons
Birmingham Titans v Havenbarrow Wolves
Southern Storm v Meadowedge Rabbitohs
Stonehall Rhinos v Meadowedge Warriors
Northcliff Roosters v Newmarsh Olympic
Northcliff Tigers v Newmarsh Saints
Oldhaven Wolfpack v Northsilver Panthers

Super Round

Meadowedge Warriors vs Stonehall Rhinos (Saturday)
Northcliff Roosters vs Oldhaven Wolfpack (Sunday)
Blackoak Bulls vs Southern Storm (Friday)
Northsilver Panthers vs Blackoak Giants (Saturday)
Dragonmoor Dragons vs Newmarsh Saints (Sunday)
Havenbarrow Wolves vs Northcliff Tigers (Saturday)
Dragonmoor Devils vs Meadowedge Rabbitohs (Sunday)
Westlake Wildcats vs Birmingham Titans (Saturday)
Newmarsh Olympic vs Cherry Rock Lakers (Sunday)
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Re: Super League 2020

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Current standings - After 12 rounds

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                         Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
 1 Southern Storm         12   11   1   326  170 +156    22
 2 Westlake Wildcats      12    9   3   271  223  +48    18
 3 Newmarsh Saints        12    8   4   252  234  +18    16
 4 Dragonmoor Dragons     12    7   5   272  235  +37    14
 5 Northcliff Roosters    12    7   5   247  229  +18    14
 6 Northcliff Tigers      12    6   6   280  215  +65    12
 7 Meadowedge Rabbitohs   12    6   6   266  206  +60    12
 8 Meadowedge Warriors    12    6   6   273  263  +10    12
 9 Blackoak Bulls         12    6   6   256  247   +9    12
10 Dragonmoor Devils      12    6   6   253  254   −1    12
11 Stonehall Rhinos       12    6   6   256  261   −5    12
12 Birmingham Titans      12    6   6   224  260  −36    12
13 Havenbarrow Wolves     12    6   6   198  280  −82    12
14 Oldhaven Wolfpack      12    5   7   256  264   −8    10
15 Northsilver Panthers   12    4   8   209  237  −28     8
16 Newmarsh Olympic       12    4   8   225  289  −64     8
17 Blackoak Giants        12    4   8   214  280  −66     8
18 Cherry Rock Lakers     12    1  11   175  306 −131     2

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