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  • Happy Natopia Day
  • Arrival of the High Commissioner

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    Arrival of the High Commissioner

    Postby Juana Beazcoetxea » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:36 am

    Eight hours after her appointment to High Commissioner of the Imperial Republic to the Florian Republic, Juana Beazcoetxea Hernández, equipped with an Ayreonist enthusiasm and an Alexandrian work ethic, arrived in the capital of the Florian Republic. Escorted by a group of Imperial Constables – who on touchdown changed their badges to the Florian Security Forces – she had a mission. To keep the Florian Republic safe in the conflict with Jingdao, despite the collectively suicidal government of the Florian Republic. Beacoetxea would take charge.

    On the runway, she held a speech by a makeshift lectern.

    My Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As your new Imperial High Commissioner, it will be my honor, privilege and duty, to the very best to keep the Florian Republic safe. Until mid 1656, whatever the Florian local government had decded or does, the Florian Republic will remain a safe country under the protection of Our Lord the Radiant Sun.

    While I understand that the local government here in the Florian Republic is paralyzed by its own incompetency – by trying to cancel – yes, cancel! – a war by an invading force by holding emergency elections just hours after ratifying a treaty of protection with Shireroth. And I understand that after the Liberals took power – they triggered Article 3.2 of the Treaty, and expected a quick and smooth Flo-Out from the union of States, Dominions and Protectorates under the Radiant Sun – without making proper arrangements for the Xhuhovan border, for a post-Flo-out trade and security deal – while enemies are pushing through the borders.

    This incompetency – I dare say even treachery from your own government, acting against the interests of you – the Florian People – will be dealt with.

    If at the end of the transition time, you will want a Flo-out, the Imperial Republic will respect that and do its bit to secure you that independence and freedom. But if you want further integration, protection and stability, freedom, peace and order – and remain in this arrangement, the Kaiser will be overjoyed and open his arms to embrace you all.

    Make no mistake though – Flo-out means Flo-out. If that is the path you will take, Shireroth will not be by your side. You will have to fend for your own. If you choose to kick us out, we will not return. We will not defend you. We will not be by your side.

    That is not a threat – that is the reality of Flo-out. That is the decision your local government had made – without consultation with you or with the protecting power.

    But until then – the Imperial High Commission will run this country smoothly, in accordance with the Treaty between Shireroth and the Florian Republic, and ensure that peace, order and good government will bless you all.

    Death spare the Kaiser!

    Satisfied with her speech, Juana Beazcoetxea left the lectern and proceeded to the limousine which would take her to the Imperial High Commission, from where the Protectorate’s imperial prerogatives would be run.

    Upon her arrival there, she signed several ordinances:

    1. Ordinance on the Conditions of the Loyal Subjects of the Republic and the Community Workers – almost word-for-word similar to the laws of the loyal subjects of the Kaiser and community workers in Shireroth.
    2. Ordinance on housing and work for displaced persons – which dealt with ensuring that all displaced persons in the Florian Republic would have a right to housing and to work. If a person could not find work themselves, the High Commission would make them loyal subjects of the Republic, with the High Commission being responsible for finding work and housing for the qualified persons.
    3. Ordinance on the Defense of the Republic – which mandated immediate conscription, with any resistance dealt with as treason against the Florian Republic, of all able-bodied men between the age of 16 and 45. They were to report to the nearest FSF recruitment centre where they would then be allocated training as soldier, or work in the defense of the Florian Republic as a non-combatant.

    Thereafter, she had a light meal, and chaired a meeting of the workers at the High Commission, before going to bed.
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