[Sansabury] Benacian Stabilisation Force (BENSTAFOR)

The former lichlands of Lywall, Lachmeren, Litel, and Gloomvale (and Angularis)

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[Sansabury] Benacian Stabilisation Force (BENSTAFOR)

Post by Continuator » Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:10 am

Benacia Command - Central Banner Group

The decision to form the Benacian Stabilisation Force from the remaining force elements available to the Central Banner Group of Benacia Command is not one that has been taken lightly, but in response to the failure of political cadres and the JMC to provide positive direction concerning the defection of the Republic of Inner Benacia, as well as the encirclement of Inner Benacia Force (IBFOR) detachments left behind after the sealing of the frontier, such a course of action cannot now be avoided.
  1. BENSTAFOR shall comprise of elements of the IV Corps (Imperial Army) in Lachmeren, the Tellian Combined Arms Corps, the Mishalan Combined Arms Corps, and Šlomxala Flotilla / Task Force 110.
  2. Forward headquarters shall be established at Sansabury with logistics hub at Šlomxala.
  3. Lines of communication to be secured by auxiliary forces.
  4. Objective shall be the relief of allied forces in Inner Benacia and the reintegration of Inner Benacia into allied structures.
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