Escape to Clear Mountain

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Escape to Clear Mountain

Postby Orion » Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:21 am

The white death had decimated the Liches of Treisenberg and collapsed its once vibrant economy. In the throes of anarchy the Knights of Bretalyon began leading a fiery crusade across the country. An inquisition of tyranny consumed their hearts, and the white death was seen as an omen that must be purged from the land. It was a curse for cavorting with the dead, they said. Punishment by the powers that be for delving into dark arts and living, as it were, side-by-side with the undead. It was obvious religious rubbish, but the plebeians latched onto it in their desperation. They needed an outlet for their despair, and a scapegoat for the demise of their once-proud land.

But as the pyres burned and liches fled back underground, not all fell under the sway of the Bretalois propaganda. Steeria became a refuge of hope. The high mountain east of Steerswick, with its crags and crevices, was inaccessible to the Bretalois cavalry. The armor-clad knights could not ascend the mountain passes on foot or horse. So the villagers fled to this zone of safety. Rearing its gray granite peaks to the sky, the mountain was known as Old Helleburgh, the clear mountain. Here the multitudes fled to escape the conflict tearing apart Treisenberg and regroup.

And regroup they must, for as the principalities began to tear at each other's throats, those who recognized the white death for what it was knew they must eventually take back their land and restore order...
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