The FIP signs Pact with Extreme Right Parties

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The FIP signs Pact with Extreme Right Parties

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FIP Signs Pact with Extreme Right Parties
Tensions and controversy have now reached an all-time high after the Florian Independence Party signed a Coalition Pact with the Nazi, Nationalist and Fascist Party. The Florian Independence Party has reached an all-time high in support but this could be massively affected after signing a pact with the three minor extreme parties.
Said a Nazi Party Spokesman:
We are glad that we have come to an agreement with one of the biggest parties in the Florian Republic and this has unified far-right politics in the country. We can now hope to a successful election campaign next year in the General Election.
However, they has been criticism from Florian President, Edwin Farrar who has called for sanctions to be taken towards the newly created coalition. Possible sanctions could be fines or even barring from entering the election.
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