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    Vyktory vs Florian Republic Rugby League Match Preview

    Postby sick39ed » Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:37 am

    Vyktory vs Florian Republic Rugby League Match Preview
    History will be made tomorrow as the first ever rugby league match will be played tomorrow between neighbouring Vyktory and the Florian Republic.The match will be played at the Jackson's Arena and the event has been sold-out and all match proceedings will go to charities worldwide. Both country leaders will be attending and it promises to be an exciting event. Before the big match, the Etourney national team will play the Florian Armed Forces in the curtain-raiser.
    Probable Squads
      Nathan Wright (Stamford Steelers)
      Jenson Morris (Jamestown Raptors)
      Luke Pearce (Jamestown Raptors)
      Ethan Wilson (Stamford Steelers)
      Ryan Sutton (Vyktory Dragons)
      Andrew Burke (Vyktory Dragons)
      Evan Armstrong (Stamford Steelers)
      Henry Wright (Jamestown Raptors)
      Connor Moore (Vyktory Dragons)
      Alexander Wilson (Jamestown Raptors)
      Alexander Berry (Vyktory Dragons)
      Callum Chambers (Stamford Steelers)
      Samuel Khan (Harrisville Thunder)
      Ben Hussain (Jamestown Raptors)
      Freddie Mason (Stamford Steelers)
      Toby Dixon (Stamford Steelers)
      Anthony Bell (Harrisville Thunder)
    Florian Republic
      Dylan Austin
      Adam Rogers
      Rhys Baxter
      Leo Bell
      Nicholas Foster
      John Webb
      Kyrie Shepard
      Ernest Lee
      Jesus Skinner
      Adam Young
      Sean Powell
      Anthony Walker
      Jenson Cole
      Sam Lee
      Oliver Berry
      Riley Bates
      Samuel Stone
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