Address to the Imperial Yuan concerning the Territories

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Address to the Imperial Yuan concerning the Territories

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"Honourable Zhu,

Let it be known that the Imperial Household has informed the Grand Secretary of its intent to fulfill its promises to the People of the Jingdaoese Realm. As the War of Lost Brother progresses, we see thousands of patriotic Jingdaoese citizens of different ancestral heritage fight for their Home and Heavenly Light. We have therefore decided to support the establishment of three autonomous regions:

- The Kingdom of Batavia, of which I have fond memories from when I was serving as governor-general under the reign of my divine Brother.

- The State of Xang Nam. Far away from the Homelands, those territories are best served with increased autonomy, under the watchful eye of Jingdaoese administrators.

- The Mozhangguo Vrystaat. We were touched by a petition by a group of Jingdaoese, Batavian and Maraguan representatives. Those people, loyal to the Throne and having suppressed the worst excesses of Calbain culture, have asked Us to revive the ancient Vrystaat. We shall receive and uphold the title of 'Vryheer', as did our predecessors who once ruled over Maraguo Vrystaat.

Let it be known that this is the Wish of the Imperial Court and Heavenly Light."
Meiyo Emperor
Daughter of the Xianfa Emperor, Sister of the honorable Hai Emperor.
(Also known as Yuling, Second Princess)

"Honour the Divine Gods, Praise Our Grand Heavenly Light and Aid the Harmonious Empire this World desperately needs."


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