Passport Application

Home to the Secretariats responsible for financial affairs, appointments and immigration. APPLY HERE FOR A PASSPORT.

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Passport Application

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The Secretariat of Immigration, part of the Ministry of Purity, oversees the citizenship applications, immigration and emigration and also hands out passports and visa. People who want to have the right to vote or actively participate in their government, have to acquire the right papers here.

Five magistrates oversee the process: one representing the Imperial Household, one representing the Army, one representing the Navy, one representing the National Diet and one representing the Grand Secretariat.

Full name:
Ethnicity: Jingdaoese - Kildarian - Apollantean - Norfolkian - Batavian - other: ...
Place of birth:
Main residence (Province):

Other micronational citizenships:
How did you hear from us:

1. The information you fill ,is meant to be fictional. In no way we will ask macronational information.

2. As Jingdao is a country with several nationalities, the name can sound Romanised if you are, for example an Apollantean, or sound Asian if you chose a Jingdaoese as ethnicity.

3. Traditionally, ther Kildari is a diverse group and forms the majority of the population. The Jingdaoese, however, hold most government functions and powers.

Important characters:
Frederik Alfons des Vinandy-Paravel, King of Batavia
Joseph Bartholomeus des Vinandy-Windsor, Prince-Regent of Batavia
Jin San, Diwang of Jingdao, Duke of Kildare

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Re: Passport Application

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Full name: Alexander van Nederburg
Ethnicity: Jingdaoese - Kildarian - Apollantean - Norfolkian - Batavian - other: Batavian and Indigenous Nederburgian mixed ancestry
Gender: male
Place of birth: Herckenburg, Nederburg (Batavia)
Religion: Non-practicing Catologian
Main residence (Province): Daocheng

Other micronational citizenships: Craitland
How did you hear from us: The Internet

Biography: Son of Roelof van Nederburg, who was at some point Grand Duke of Nederburg. After his father committed a suicide attack on the Batavian royal palace during a psychotic episode; Alexander decided to abdicate from the throne, withdraw from public life, and travel the world. Now Alexander has decided to settle down.

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Re: Passport Application

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