Krasnocorian migrations

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Krasnocorian migrations

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"To the Imperial Household

The Ministry of Purity wants to inquire the Palace concerning the possible migration and settling of hundred thousands of Krasnocorians from the Keltian continent. Plans have been draw to set up colonial cities within our far eastern provinces, where they can bring civilisation to the mostly isolated parts of the Empire.

In the spirit of the Sheng Emperor's policies - May He guard us from Heaven forever - we will attempt their integration in our nation's culture. The past has proven that we are capable of doing so, while letting the Realm flourish.

Could we therefore receive green light for the evacuation of the refugees from Caputia and resettlement?"
Zhang San
Diwang of the Jingdaoese Empire

Joseph Bartholomeus des Vinandy-Windsor
Prince-Regent of Batavia

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