[CIR][CRD]Letter from the Union Australis

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[CIR][CRD]Letter from the Union Australis

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To the Chidao Emperor, great and masterful ruler of the Jing, and Heavenly light to those travelling the Tianchaodao, the Union Australis sends its highest greetings

I am Speaker Avingar Holstadt, and I again write sending my greatest compliments to the grand empire of the Jing people. It is my intention to conclude the business we began with the visit of Exarch Dou Siang.

I wish to first present for consideration as tribute, the following items:
  1. A ceremonial helmet that was used by the captain of the Caradian royal guard until 1233 AN. It is plated with gold and is engraved with the worlds "I will not falter".
  2. A rendition of the Jingdaoese coat of arms, plated with Ferris Ordis, made by fine Minh craftsmen.
  3. A box fifty centimetres by fifty centimetres by fifty centimetres filled with an assortment of small opals, rubies, sapphires, pearls, emeralds, and diamonds; we have taken the liberty of cutting and polishing half of this collection, and have left the rest to be cut and polished to His Eternal Majesty's liking.
Having presented this tribute, I now wish to discuss the possibility of opening a conduit of friendly diplomatic relationships. As I mentioned in my last letter, we wish for this, both to empower the prosperity of both of our nations, by establishing a flow of trade, which is the lifeblood that nations dwell on, as well as to work to create a better, more harmonious world so that all the people of Micras may progress into the future with ease.

I would first like to address the greatest point which has been a point of contention between ourselves and nations with which we have sought diplomacy, that being the Southern Control Zone recently established in the Antarctic waters surrounding the constituent nations of our Union.

First, I would like to apologise for this, as it was never our intent to provoke any other nations. To understand our decision, it is imperative that it is understood that the Antarctic waters have been the territory of a number of barbarous, piratical entities that have been known to prey on both our Union's ships as well as the ships of innocent foreign nations shipping through the ice pack. It was our primary intention to protect, not only ourselves, but the other nations that ship through this area as well as to ultimately put an end to these entities so that our waters may be free.

Having said this, I would also like to state that, while the zone still exists, it has been downgraded from a zone in which our ships will ask for tolls, to merely a zone which our ships will patrol. We will no longer hinder any foreign ships who enter, neither with tolls nor denial. We have, however, kept our offer to protect foreign ships who do enter our waters by providing escort with our military ships. However, this is merely an option, and we will not force our service on any nation.

We hope these new terms of the zone to be agreeable. We reiterate that our purpose is merely to destroy the cells of piracy that unfortunately exist in our waters. Our goal was to aid in the freedom of the seas, but in so doing had inadvertently created an undesirable consequence, which we hope to have now removed.

It is my sincere hope that this letter finds you well.

In Friendship,

This letter is authorised by Avingar Holstadt, speaker of the Confederacy and Head of the Union
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Re: [CIR][CRD]Letter from the Union Australis

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*The servants and guards nodded, pleasantly surprised by the gifts of the far-away union. It was now up to the Stewards to respond to the letter.*
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