Regarding the White Plague

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Regarding the White Plague

Postby Kalgachi Envoy » Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:43 pm


Winterise 15th, 200 AL
374 EGA

To the Heavenly Light are extended the effuse compliments of the Council of Perfecti of the Garden of Kalgachia, who offer an intricate, solid gold reproduction of a potted juniper bush in full fruit, some twenty centimetres in width and height as tribute for the Imperial Ear.

The Garden of Kalgachia notes with interest the deliberations of the Gong Suweiai with regard to the Podosphaera dermatrophis fungus and the containment thereof, as well as the efforts by the government of Helderbourgh to market its own vaccine for the resultant disease (known colloquially as the White Plague). The Council of Perfecti are resolved that the Garden would be remiss in its fraternal obligations to the Jingdaoese Empire if it did not share the the initial findings of the Kalgachi Directorate of Health and Public Welfare (recently published in The Hacksaw medical journal, the relevant edition of which is enclosed with this missive) which cast some doubt upon the vaccine's effectiveness in epidemiological field conditions, and might result in the accelerated loss of respected cadres in the proximity of the Heavenly Light if used unwisely.

The DHPW have concluded the following:

"Initial tests upon employees of the Directorate of Public Works who were infected by railway shipments from Kasterburg (before the sterilisation of incoming rolling stock was implemented) indicate that although the Helderbourgh Sulphur Protocol is effective in the early stages of infection (generally no more than eighteen hours from the onset of first symptoms), its creation of respiration-inhibiting sulphites and sulphides as a side effect of mixture with the bloodstream (catalysed by oxygen at the alveolar membrane) causes substantial harm to those suffering from later stages of the disease, in whom the Podosphaera Dermatrophis infection has already induced a state of progressive respiratory compromise - effectively accelerating the symptoms of the disease itself and in most cases resulting in death by acute hypoxia. Although the continued administration of the Helderbourgh Sulphur Protocol past the eighteen-hour stage is indavisable with mind to a cure, its utility as a palliative aid to hasten a painful demise cannot be disregarded."

The Benacian medical establishment is presently conferring to find a more elegant cure, although the mutation speed of Podosphaera dermatrophis will invariably present challenges. The Jingdaoese Empire will be kept informed of any advances made in the matter and Oktavyan has every confidence that the emergence of Jingdaoese innovations in mass quarantine methods will be of similarly valuable assistance to the Garden.

It is My Honour to Remain, Sirs, Corporeally Intact,
M.D. Twiddle
Chief Emissary of the Garden of Kalgachia
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