[Kalgachia] Exemption Request

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[Kalgachia] Exemption Request

Postby Kalgachi Envoy » Thu Aug 16, 2018 3:28 pm


Summerhigh 25th, 186 AL
Daor 353 EGA

To the Chidao Emperor, Heavenly Light and worldly sovereign of the Jingdaoese peoples, the Garden of Kalgachia extends the most sincere kowtow.

May the Emperor accept a stuffed, full-sized adult specimen of Tyrannocricetus aliger in rearing attack pose, prepared by the finest taxidermists of Lithead city as tribute, such that this missive may know the grace of his attentive eyes.

In accordance with provisions of the Heavenly Light's recent decree Against Foreigners on Our Soil, the Garden of Kalgachia politely requests that its diplomats be exempted from the planned expulsion of all non-Jingdaoese from Jingdao.

The Garden continues to value its relationship with the Jingdaoese Empire - particularly in the field of economic activity which to date has seen the investment of 3,283,200 Kalgarrand (some 2.06 billion Cräite) in the Jingdaoese economy through the Sokoku aircraft contract alone. It is the desire of the Garden that this relationship be maintained for the sake of our nations' greater co-prosperity.

In dutiful regard to the rising Apollonian sun,

P.N. Skuryov
Chief Emissary of the Garden of Kalgachia to the Tumultuous Wastes
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Re: [Kalgachia] Exemption Request

Postby Raz » Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:13 pm

His Divine Majesty sends greetings to his Excellency the Chief Emissary of the Garden of Kalgachia and is delighted with the tribute.

The magnificent bird will be the centerpiece of a new exposition in the Daocheng museum in which the dangers of the Benacian continent are showcased. We would gladly arrange with the museum to close down for a day and offer you a guided tour in the common tongue.

We are happy to inform you that we can offer you the requested exemption. His Divine Majesty too values the economic ties between our nations. He has asked us to provide you with an equine mantis drawn carriage and a capable driver to get around in the city of Daocheng. If desired we can also provide you with short term or long term lodgings for you and your staff.

With the utmost respect and on behalf of his Divine Majesty,

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Light of Heavens
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