Joyous Entry of Yuling

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Joyous Entry of Yuling

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The people of Tianhoucheng watched with curious eyes as a large procession of local nobles, soldiers and city officials paraded in their best suit around Princess Yuling. The local fanfares played "Gloria in excelsis deo" at each corner she passed. The arrival of the princess seemed to have brought a bit hope for those people who feared to be conquered by the Shiretitian hordes at any moment now. And with her came a few things that most citizens had never seen in their lives. The horses, for example, which had become a special commodity in a city which was surrounded at all sides, probably attracted more attention than the people who were riding them.
Rumours about the warehouses being filled with more food and wine than the city had ever seen, and promises of a huge expansion of the merchant fleet (thanks to the integration of the one of Blackstone), made the people sheer to the woman in front of them.

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