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    [XFF] Incontinentian teams to compete in X-League

    Postby Craitman » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:01 am

    A groundbreaking agreement has been met in Pa Wat today as the Xang Football Federation and the Sports Institute signed a deal which will see Incontinentia's club football teams compete in the X-League from this season.

    In a move which sees the X-League expand to a ten-team format, Harbourside Football and Kratskiy Chetgavanspor will now regularly face-off against teams such as Khon United and XSPW in a league format in a move designed to help both nation's sporting developments.

    The agreement was made possible thanks to both nations' membership in the USSO (with Incontinentia under Craitland's rule), as the newly-established free movement tenet allowed the easing of logistical matters due to the distance between both's respective lands.

    The clubs' involvement in the X-League will not affect either nation's own domestic cup tournaments, which will remain solely for teams affiliated to their respective football associations.
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