[IRS] Embassy communiqué

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[IRS] Embassy communiqué

Postby Li Naomiai » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:32 am

The Imperial Shirerithian Embassy presents its compliments to the Changgong Headquarters, and has the honor to refer the Changgong Headquarters to the establishment of the so-called Organisation of Safir Exporting Countries. The objectives of the said organization appears focused on the production, importation, exportation and shared standards for “safir meat”. Belonging to a sentient species, safir, like humans, are owed the utmost of respect and dignity.

As such, the Imperial Shirerithian Embassy expresses its concern at the normalization of eating, producing, importing and exporting safir meat – even if it is – as held by several persons – chicken meat dyed blue. Even if it is chicken meat dyed blue, the vocabulary used to the meat relates intrinsically to safir anatomy, and will lead to a further normalization – against the dignity of all sentient species, human and safir alike – of sentient cannibalism. This is an affront to human dignity, safir dignity, and the dignity of all sentient species.

The Imperial Shirerithian Embassy trusts that the Changgong Headquarters will relay the Embassy’s concerns to the government of Jingdao and cause an investigation into these worrisome allegations. At the same time, the Imperial Shirerithian Embassy would request from Changgong Headquarters an assurance of the equal dignity between the human and safir species and a confirmation that eating sentient species remains illegal in Jingdao.

The Imperial Shirerithian Embassy avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Changgong Headquarters the assurances of its highest consideration.

Daocheng, 19.V.1670.
Li Naomiai Avon-El
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Re: [IRS] Embassy communiqué

Postby Raz » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:55 am

The Ministry of Stability is pleased to have received the message from the Imperial Shirerithian Embassy in good order. Several points have been made which we will address separately.

1. That the safir are sentient beings who deserve the utmost respect and dignity.

While it is a common conception that the safir have some degree of sentience, there have been no studies done by USSO based scholars that support this claim. We take no stance here. It is however a misconception that just because something or someone has sentience, it deserves respect and dignities. Criminals and general wrong-doers are also sentient, that does not mean they deserve any respect or dignity. Instead, respect and dignity are deserved through service for the Heavenly Light, or awarded because of power.

2. That there is an issue with eating sentient animals.

We are surprised, cows and chicken are also sentient beings. Eating them does not seem to be a controversial thing to do in Shireroth?

3. That it atones to cannibalism.

Cannibalism only refers to humans eating humans. Safir are not humans.

4. That there is something inherently wrong with cannibalism.

Cannibalism is discouraged in the Jingdaoese Empire because of the health risks associated with it. We do not see moral issues with eating anything that does not hold a passport of a USSO member state or a diplomatic passport. Executed criminals and general wrong-doers are, from time to time, offered as food to the cats of the Imperial Household.

5. That safir meat is chicken meat, dyed blue.

Our production methods are secret, we are still able to produce safir meat much more efficiently than other nations. This claim has never been substantiated and is just another example of desperate Raspur propaganda.

6. That humans are equal to other sentient species.

This is a horrendous position which paves the road to bestiality, which we know has been practiced in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. We would like to remind the Imperial Shirerithian Embassy of a case that took place some time ago, the case of Spraki Krumsson. He was a human who married the Safirian empress Keita V but was saved by no one else than our Lady and Savior Sisera, who made him atone for his sins.

The Ministry of Stability hopes to have given the Imperial Shirerithian Embassy all the information it needs to revise its erroneous positions.
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Re: [IRS] Embassy communiqué

Postby Jonas » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:00 pm

*Some servants shook their head. Where were the gifts for the Heavenly Light? How would the Shirerithians ever expect to be seen as decent diplomatic partners if they still acted as savages?*
Zhang San
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