Iron Cult of Leng Membership Application

The Political Consultative Committee, which acts as the headquarters of the USSO is located in Daocheng. Here the representatives of the USSO member states assemble to discuss their next step in accomplishing world domination.
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Iron Cult of Leng Membership Application

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Good afternoon,

The Iron Cult of Leng hereby applies for full USSO membership. As you know, the Iron Cult has remained a steadfast partner and supporter of the USSO since the nation was first established following the enslavement of the Normarkians during the War of Lost Brothers. As such, the Cult now wishes to apply for formal membership within the Union.

On behalf of the Iron Cult,
Zibertian Kind

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Re: Iron Cult of Leng Membership Application

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*The Jingdaoese Diwang seems amused and takes out his 'YAO stamp'.
Zhang San
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