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    The Administrative Compound of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association serves as headquarter of the nation of Passio-Corum.

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    Micras Games

    Postby Craitman » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:41 pm

    Dear representatives of Passio-Corum,

    The Fédération Micraise de Sport cordially invites you to send a delegation to compete in the inaugural hosting of the Micras Games; the largest sporting event in the history of our community, to be held in the Jingdaoese capital city of Daocheng later this year.

    The idea for the Games was created last year as a legacy from the MicrOlympics that were held in 2008, with the aim to create an event to bring Micras together through sport.

    As an FMS-organised event, the majority of sports will be simulated using computerised systems, but we will also be holding a number of "live events" which will be contested between real people over the course of the games, either as direct matches or by score submission. These "live events" will be purely opt-in, and you may enter as many or as few as you like. Individuals may only represent their sole chosen nation throughout all events they enter.

    For those "traditional" sports which will be simulated via the FMS's usual means, we will be determining different nations' strengths and likelihood of success through their own preferences and cultural influences. Attached below is a form which you may fill-in with up to ten of the listed sports where you would prefer your nation to have a better chance of success. You may list as few as you like - if there is only a small amount of sports you're interested in - or even none at all if you have no preferences whatsoever. For sports with a range of events, you may wish to name specific disciplines if preferred (for example, with athletics, you may prefer track events over field, or long-distance running over sprinting - such preferences would affect your nation's likelihood of success in such events).

    Nations which do not list any preferences of sports will have the strength of their participants determined on factors such as cultural influence. Examples of this would be a nation with eastern-Asian influences being stronger at judo and table tennis, while an island nation would be more likely to have strong swimmers and rowers. We feel this is an apt way to create a wider and more realistic field of competitors for less popular sports.

    While we hope that all nations on Micras would love to be involved in the Micras Games, if you don't, we completely appreciate this and any nations which respond signifying their desire to opt-out will not participate. It is possible for a nation to opt-out of the "traditional sports" but still have people compete in the "live events", however, if desired.

    Lastly, all nations and dependencies affiliated to the FMS are permitted to compete in the Micras Games. This means that in addition to Passio-Corum, the territories of the North Antarctic Domain, Passas, the Passasian Unincorporated Territory, and the Strait of Haifa may send their own separate delegation of athletes with their own sporting preferences.

    We at the FMS look forward to hearing back from your nation and we hope to see you competing in Jingdao later this year!

    Micras Games participation form wrote:Nation: [Your nation's common short-form name.]

    Preferences: [Your nation's traditional sporting preferences. You may name up to ten; please list them in order so that your most preferred are at the top. Opt-out here if you do not wish to participate.]

    Live events: [Leave blank if not opting-in. List the live events in which your nation wishes to compete, with named individuals for each one.]

    If you would like help with your form, click here to see a filled-in example.
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    Re: Micras Games

    Postby Zibertian Kind » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:14 pm

    Micras Games participation form
    Nation: Passio-Corum

    1. Fencing
    2. Archery
    3. Canoeing
    4. Women's Association Football
    5. Ice Hockey
    6. Baseball
    7. Armorian Football
    8. Golf
    9. Tennis
    10. Swimming

    Live events:


    All of the various territories of Passio-Corum, as you've listed them, will compete under a common banner. The Strait of Haifa may announce its own list in the next day or two.
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    Re: Micras Games

    Postby Zibertian Kind » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:56 am

    Micras Games participation form
    Nation: Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa

    1. Canoeing
    2. Rowing
    3. Swimming
    4. Water Polo
    5. Archery
    6. Athletics
    7. Pentathlon
    8. Triathlon
    9. Wrestling
    10. Boxing

    Live events: N/A
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