Jacks Big Gay Airport

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Jacks Big Gay Airport

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'Jacks Big Gay Airport', once known as 'Jack’s Big Gay International Airfield', is a large airport in southern Batavia, near the city of Kingsrise.

Before acting as main transport hub of the Free City of Kingsrise, it acted as a minor airport to connect local flights between Kingsrise,Caesterburgh, Davignon and Koningenwaarde. In 1643 it expanded, mostly to support the Kingsrise Airforce (before this was moved to the Kingsrise airport in 1661). Commercial flights increased in this period, along with the expansion of its military facilities. With the construction of the national airport, it reverted to local flights. Iron Company's assets (including Nakalma) were seized and the company banned, like it was in other parts of Batavia.

Since 1661 AN, no international flights were active at the airfield. This resulted in its name change and loss of the title ''international''.
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