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 Post subject: Volkssender Tuulersbyur
PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:26 pm 
The anal cyst of the Shiterot
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Patriotic music and informative messages from the Imperial Government, twenty-fours hours a day, five days a week. Available on shortwave radio and pre-programmed into your Elwnet enabled devices.

"Froyalaners, Citizens of Elwynn, do not be deceived. A cruel fate awaits those who flee into the Unredeemed Territories. Creatures of daemonic aspect and temperament prey upon the unwary and foolhardy who traipse through the wilderness that is their exclusive domain. Yet, as horrible as they are, you'll have wished that you'd taken your chances with the ravenous critters if you have the misfortune instead to fall in with the denizens of the ungoverned spaces. How long do you expect to last in the company of Laqi brigands, Kossar slavers, Mavet's psychotic crew of Yehudi and Deep-Singer cutthroats, or those deserters from the Konkordskaya Bratva who haven't yet lost the taste for feeding fugitives to their ursine chargers?

Even should you survive those perils, what welcome do you think awaits you outside of the Imperial Republic? Unless you have friends and family to vouch for you abroad, only slavery and death awaits those who abandon their obedience of the Golden Mango Throne. We will not prevent the controlled emigration of any person of Froyalanish heritage who has not been touched by the taint of daemonic influence. (Please be advised that quotas for exit visas and a minimum income threshold apply).

But why take the chance when there is work and shelter to be had in the Froyalan National Reserve? Make yourself known to the authorities today and a wealth of options and opportunities open up before you.

Register with the Corps of Gentlemen-at-Cudgels, your nearest Imperial Garrison, or at the office of your local Bailiff and you will receive a free psychiatric evaluation, the opportunity to renounce Vanic heresy and the chance to embrace Elwdom, your ancestral cultural heritage, or your local indigenous culture of preference. If you are selected for rehabilitation you will be amongst those privileged Amokolians, Elw and Norse returning to a liberated Elwynnese Union in the east.

We understand however that it can be hard to turn your back on an identity that has defined you for your entire life, even one as monstrous and wrongheaded as that taught by the Daemonic Vanic State. For those of you unwilling or unable to change your life for the better we have established the Froyalan National Reserve; there you will find resettlement villages, educational facilities, public amenities, the opportunity to start anew and to build new reformed communities. Your safety will be guaranteed by the Corps of Auxiliaries and the Imperial Marshals. The constant threat of persecution and reprisal need no longer hang over you and those you love. There will be work. Western Benacia is the new frontier and the finest corporations of the Imperial Republic will be investing in Batavia and its neighbours. There will be work aplenty for those with broad-shoulders and a 'can-do' attitude.

Redemption through work is the fairest offer you will ever be given in this uncertain world. Why delay?

Elwynn Prevails whilst Shireroth Endures. Time is on Our Side.

Inconsequential musical interlude.

  1. Burgrave Waldemar Zinkgraven: Steward of Shireroth.
  2. Liv Dravot: Imperial Mother. Princess of the Elwynnese Republic. Director of the ESB Group
  3. Daniyal Sikander Dravot: Administrator of the estate of the late Thorgils Tarjeisson. Chairman of the ESB Group.

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