Places in Toketi on the Apollonian mainland.

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As you travel along your long and dusty road, you see a hump in the land forming off in the distance. As you grow closer, the hump grows wider and wider, until you realize that you are looking at the city of Cride, the silent city. Thick walls surround the city, with many hidden surprises that only the unluckiest of warriors must face. The entire city does not rise too far off of the ground, for reasons that you do not understand until you see the dragon landing on a roof to rest. You notice more dragons flying in and out of the nearby cliffs, coming and going under the wise old eye of a massive black dragon with a green-skinned rider on his back.

Your first impression is that of an eeire quiet as you pass through the front gates, even though you can see a pair of scalziin clearly having a conversation. One waves at you as you continue into the city, and speaks a greeting, the first voice you have heard. You see mostly the green-skinned scalziin as you walk through the streets, as well as announcements posted on boards periodically with public reminders about upcoming events.

But as you near the center of the city, much more activity is heard as more races become evident. More shops and businesses line the roads instead of housing, along with several restaurants and inns. Beings of all races, ages, and sizes interact freely in the open market, enjoying the company, the goods, and the feeling of security. There are scuffles and upsets that you notice, which are quickly broken apart and settled with what must be practiced efficiency. You nod to yourself as you view the open trade in the center, and adjust the pack of goods on your back. You will get a fair price for them. That's why you came to Cride.
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