The House of the Learned

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The House of the Learned

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In a subterranean and neon-lit chamber set beneath the base of an old IBAF ziggurat, the erstwhile Prince of Modan - strapped to a gurney whilst eunuch kul-surgeons patiently excised a multitude of fibrous growths from the decaying and mottled flesh of his exposed torso, had rare occasion to smile and laugh as a trembling attendant, clad in a medical mask covered by a perspex splatter guard, had cause to lean forward and whisper of the latest news from Benacia.

The surgeons, dressed in full hazmat suits, paused and eyed each other wearily. This was the first time since the passing of his mother that the former Prince had expressed any strong emotion whatsoever. They knew what was coming next and tensed accordingly.

Suddenly the laughter died in the Prince's throat, to be replaced by a sequence of shallow gurgles of breath punctuated by a despairing rasping noise as lungs cried out in agony for oxygen the blood could scarcely metabolise. The diaphragm heaved spasmodically, without rhythm, and the Prince - letting out an agonised rasp of despair - turned his head towards the terrified attendant and spewed a revolting black-green spray of blood, bile, phlegm, and fungal spore matter at the man who recoiled in horror, shrieking as he clawed at the perspex splatter guard with his red rubber gloves, which were now seemingly beginning to foam and steam.

Klaxons now began to wail, both in the chamber and along the corridors leading from it into the heart of the facility. A heavy and sulphur-laden vapour-mist flooded the room as the crash team, themselves clad in voluminous red hazmat suits, pushed their way into the room - ignoring the whimpering courtier who pawed at the disintegrating mask protecting his face from the horrors eating their way towards contact with his eyes and skin, and attended frantically to the creature that was once the Prince of Modan.

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Re: Generalised reaction piece

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"And I went even unto the West from which I came, to bring that light to the darkness in such fashion that I could. For in the darkness of Strife and Despair are we lost; we must strive for the light, the light of Hope and of Joy, from which the SHRUB beckons to we unknowing souls. When all else has gone, remain steadfast in Jollity..."

-Toastypops 6:2-4
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