[Order] Natopian Security Forces

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[Order] Natopian Security Forces

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Peace Through Vigilence

22 Regnuary 1657

Concerning the Natopian Security Forces.
[Executive Order Number Three (3)]

  1. Authorised by the Resolution of the Frenzy of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation on the Pacification of the New Territories (1656), the Ministry of Security, and its subordinate agencies, to raise, equip and furnish a force of internal security troops hereafter known as the Natopian Security Forces (NSF).
    1. The subordinate agencies are, for the purposes of this order, defined as:
      • The Bureau of Transportation
      • The Bureau of Assurance
      • The Citizenship Office
      • The Department of District Security and Transportation (Universalis)
      • The Department of Drug Research and Distribution (Universalis)
      • The Universalis Grains Agricultural Plan
    2. Internal Security Troops are, by this order, defined as:
      • Armed personnel used to support and reinforce the Imperial Natopian Constabulary, deal with large-scale crowd control, internal armed conflicts, prison security and the safeguarding of highly-important facilities
  2. The remit of the NSF is to secure the settlements of Signe, Hagbard, Dragevik and Ardclach and to maintain the security and well-being of the Princely Isle.
  3. The force establishment of the NSF shall be 61,200 personnel grouped into 51 regiments which shall comprise 10 divisions of motorised infantry and 1 aviation support regiment.
  4. The NSF may recruit personnel from the Imperial Natopian Constabulary (INC), former service personnel of the Natopian Defense Force (NDF), and former personnel of the Shirerithian Imperial Forces (SIF), and the Constancian Armed Forces (CAF), provided that they over the age of 17 and under the age of 45, and on the proviso that no record of criminality or misconduct can be attributed to the applicants.
  5. NSF personnel shall use the ranks and uniforms of the INC, save for an identifying brassard bearing the letters "NSF" alongside the division and regiment to which the individual has been assigned.
  6. In the performance of its security and law enforcement duties under this order, the NSF shall have power to conduct inquiries, investigations, surveillance operations, boardings, interceptions, interventions, examinations, inspections, stoppages, interdictions, searches, seizures, to prevent, detect, and suppress violations of the Bassarid partisan actions. It may perform its duties within the jurisdiction of the Bovic Empire without restriction provided that an INC officer is always in attendance to supervise and direct operations and to conduct lawful arrests.
  7. NSF personnel, exercising an official duty under this or any other order shall, with due observance of the provisions of the Caprine Code, intervene in a way that is justifiable in view of the object of the intervention and other circumstances. If the use of force is necessary, the form and level of force used shall be appropriate to that required to achieve the intended result.
  8. Where any serving NSF personnel learns of a criminal offence, they shall inform their nearest INC officer thereof as soon as practicable. The NSF may refrain from reporting an offence if, in view of the circumstances in the specific case, it is of a petty nature and it is obvious that no other sanction than a fine would be imposed on the offender should they be charged with it.
  9. NSF personnel, exercising an official duty under this or any other order may, if other means are inadequate and if it is justifiable in view of the circumstances, use force to carry out such official duty, in the event that:
    1. They encounters force or threat of force;
    2. a person who is to be detained pending trial or investigation or who is otherwise, in accordance with law, to be deprived of liberty, attempts to escape or offers resistance when an arresting officer attempts to effect such a measure;
    3. it is a question of averting a punishable act or a threat to life, health or valuable property or a risk of extensive damage to the environment;
    4. they, with support of the law, seek to turn away or remove a person from an area or premises or conduct or assist in the search of a person, a bodily examination or some other similar measure, a seizure or some other impoundment of property or a search of premises;
    5. they, with support of INC officer, undertake to stop a vehicle or some other means of transport;
    6. they, otherwise with support of INC officers, are to gain entry to, cordon off, shut off or evacuate a building, a room or an area, assist someone who is performing an official duty with such a measure or some similar measure, or in connection with a foreclosure in accordance with what is prescribed thereof; or
    7. the measure otherwise is indispensable for the maintenance of public order and safety and it is evident that it cannot be implemented without the use of force.
  10. Officers and crew members of aircraft, vessels and offshore installations shall have the duty to obey orders issued by the NSF under this order and the said service may use all the necessary force to compel compliance. The NSF shall also be empowered to take over command of an aircraft, vessel or offshore installation.
  11. The NSF shall promote the economical, efficient and safe movement of vehicles on the road and rail network, as well as aircraft and ships in the air space and waters of the same, as the case may be, by developing, creating, maintaining, and operating aids to navigation systems and services, communications and traffic management services, environmental protection services, ice breaking and ice management services, and road and channel maintenance.
  12. The NSF may search for and render aid to persons, vessels and aircraft in distress or imminent danger in areas which are within the jurisdiction of the Bovic Empire. In the performance of the aforementioned function the NSF shall co-operate with the Imperial and demesne authorities and organisations whose activities concern the said function.
  13. Captains of vessels and aircraft and any other persons capable of rendering assistance shall have, upon request, be obliged to assist the NSF in law enforcement and saving of human life, if assistance can be rendered without endangering their own lives, health, welfare or significant interests.
  14. To promote the security of offshore installations present in and ships navigating the waters under the jurisdiction of the Bovic Empire, the NSF shall patrol the said territorial waters intensively. The NSF shall also promote peace, good order and security on the high seas by taking measures to prevent, detect, and suppress sea-based terrorism and other illegal activities, such as hijacking, piracy, and human trafficking.
  15. To defend against Bassarid terrorism and infiltration, the NSF shall:
    1. administer legislation that governs the admissibility of people and goods, plants and animals into and out of the Bovic Empire;
    2. removing people who are inadmissible to the Bovic Empire, including protected persons and those involved in terrorism, organised crime, war crimes, or crimes against humanity;
    3. detain, with the assistance of the INC, those people who may pose a threat to the Bovic Empire;
    4. interdicting illegal goods entering or leaving the Bovic Empire;
    5. seize or impound any vessel, aircraft or vehicle that is in violation of the law;
    6. protecting food safety, plant and animal health, and the Bovic Empire's resource base.
  16. The NSF shall cooperate with the NDF, the INC, and the judiciary in all operational matters.
  17. The Ministry of Security is free to issue all the further rules and regulations it deems necessary or expedient to carry the provisions of this order into effect or to clarify the same.
  18. This order comes into effect from the date of its issuance.
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