An offering to Tempus and Sakat

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An offering to Tempus and Sakat

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There is a sandy, barren island off the coast of the city of Syrelwynn, where about tenth of all Leonid Guardsmen had been placed in detention. They numbered 3,421, of which 581 were women. They were all aged between 16 and 44.

The island had a four barracks, in which the detained Leonid would sleep. Food and water would come by flying drones twice a day. This system created animosity among the detainees, and food and water became currency. There was no system to ensure that provisions were equally allocated to everyone. Parcels fell on the ground when the sound beamed, and whoever was lucky to pick parcels up picked them up. He or she would demand services, sometimes demeaning, for letting a colleague have some food or water.

This day, however, the island was visited by the Jaysh al Sathrati. The Jaysh rounded up all Leonids on the highest point of the island (which was 3 metres above sea level), just 50 metres south of the barracks. By telling the Leonids that their trial would soon begin, the Jaysh had the Leonid cooperation.

The Jaysh commander, Abdullah Yasir, spoke to detainees, and told them that a maximum of 342 people would be allowed to leave the island, but that no one of them would be able to leave as long as there were more than 342 persons on the island.

“The Gods have determined, through their Oracle, that only 342 of you are not guilty of the awful crime you have been accused of. The Gods will protect the 342 innocent of you, but only if you do your vow to the Queen-Emira by slaying the guilty.”

And by that, the Jaysh al Sathrati left the island in their boats, leaving the Leonids confused.

By nightfall, there was no food parcel, and the Leonids began to understand. Reality sank in.

By the morning, a number of Leonids were found dead. And then, the killing began. Everyone against everyone.

An airplane from the Jaysh bombed the barracks. Now there was no refuge from the wind or the other Leonids. No place to hide. There were no weapons, other than the makeshift ones… and the knuckles and fists.

Killing continued…

... and when the observing drones saw that there were less than hundred people left alive, a boat came for them. On the boat was Queen Noor.

“Leonids, you have fought well. You are innocent of the heinous crime you have been accused of. Your fallen comrades, the traitors, have been sanctified as a sacrifice to Tempus, the god of war. As men of war, you have done as commanded. You have drenched the sand in blood. I am proud.”

The Leonids fell on their knees to worship their Queen and Emira, thanking her, promising her their full devotion.

“Now, now,” the Queen said. “But I can only count that there are 88 of you. You have killed innocents. All too many innocents. Why have you killed those that are innocent?

“The blood of innocents is upon you. We shall wash it away, and pray the Gods will forgive you."

Noor ordered the Jaysh to drown each of the remaining Leonids on the boat. Envoking Sakat's name for each sacrifice, Noor smiled. The Gods were on her side.

Now she had the rest of the Leonid Guard to deal with...
Noor as-Salaam
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