Malarbor says: Well, puny mortals, Malarbor has had a fine treat today. The first whole Voortrekker that I've had to devour in many a year. So long Paul Duit, as my roots burrowed into your flesh and rended you limb from limb, I felt as if our acquaintance was so fleeting that I hardly knew ye.

Talking to the Voortrekkers, did you know that the Kaiser's advisers, in a fit of demented generosity and a complete lack of strategic nous had offered to alienate the western portion of his patrimony to permit the recreation of a Batavian nation in the form of a condominium jointly administered with the Voortrekker government? Or that after twelve years (AN) of demonstrating good neighbourliness they would ceded the territory outright in return for scant territorial compensation in the lands stolen by the Voortrekkers from the Siyacha in central Benacia?

Happily for the Imperium, the insane generosity of the Imperial Advisory Council was matched only by the insane arrogance of the Voortrekkers presently ensconced in the Jing enclave of King's Worth. Where we saw prudent safeguards for the condominium, a joint garrison, a mechanism for arbitration, a pledge of good will, peaceful intent, and neutrality, they saw only unwarranted constraints upon their sovereignty. Rather than regain ancestral lands and their cultural patrimony, the Voortrekker community now proposes to uproot to the irradiated hell that is Eura.

Malarbor hopes that the Euran Death Worms enjoy their meals as much as he did.

On a partially related note, have you ever noticed how poultry farmers taste like chicken whilst cattle ranchers seldom taste of beef? Weird, huh?
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 Post subject: Post-funeral crisis
PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:39 am 
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Returning from the funeral of her sons Arn and Rostam, Noor locker herself up in one of what she perceived to be more of the secure rooms in the Palace. The funeral devestated her. Not only was it a good-bye to two of her sons (now she had only for children left, three had been lost), but the religious nature of it made her sorrow even worse.

She knew that Arn and Rostam had had a deep faith, their father's faith, and sharing it with Aldin's religious fever stemming from his position as Pentheros of the Bovic Church. But as she was reminded by all her discussions with her former husband Nathaniel, she just could not have her heart to believe. She knew that Nathaniel had returned from another realm of being into a form of butter, that he had been tortured by Sisera, and made blind, and then had his sight restored when crowned Emperor of the Natopians... Still, she could not believe.

But what if she believed for her children, for the hapless Arn and Rostam? What if she made their faith theirs, and stopped thinkking of her own?

The many thoughts in Noor's head confused her even more. She felt sweaty. She knew that Noah wanted to see her, but the toyboy twink of a husband that she had now was no one she desired speaking to. She wanted nothing of him, or any one. She simply wanted Arn and Rostam back. The two of her happiest, most innocent children. She fucked up with raising Adam, which is why he's a fragile anger-prone soul, and Aldin ended up a religious freak. Arn and Rostam were the normal kids, who acted like kids should, who were kids, who did kiddy things...

Should she put her hope to Vilhjalm and Esther? Oh they were far too young, they could easily be corrupted. A travel to one of those all-female temples of nudity and they might be destroyed forever.

No! no! Noor tried to get all her bad thoughts out of her. There was nothing wrong with her husband's religious practices.

Though, Noor conceded, he did have sex with goddesses on a more regular basis than he did with her... but Noor had always maintained that it was his fantasies going crazy as he touched himself in the closet. But what if? What if Lady Elwynn was a real woman with real breasts, and real lips... breasts rounder than Noor's own, lips softer and fuller than her own?

Noor examined herself in the mirror -- she was slowly aging. She could see it. Her face looked worn, and she found a few grey hairs in her former rich-black hair.

The world was falling apart, as was she.

But she couldn't simply think about her. It wasn't about her. It was about her children. WHo would the next victims be? Would Aldin and Adam fall victims to the Leonid-Assayer plot? Vilhjalm and Esther? The little baby?

The bastard Leonids! First they made her miscarry, then they gave her Zaraqi as doctor, and then they kill her most precious children.

She called out, "Guards!". By now she had already assembled a different guard, she called it Jaysh al Sathrati. The recruitment process for it was so stringent than only the most loyal would end up guardsmen in it. The rest wouldn't survive it. Literally. More than half of the volunteers died in training.

"Take me to the Leonid dungeon!" she ordered the guard. She refused to know the guard's name. It wasn't important. His devotion and worship of her was all that mattered. She was his queen in all, he had no will outside hers. Her recruitment process made sure of it. She had help from Doctors Cryptsinger and al-Osman for the psychological and behavioural conditioning for the soldiers. Ah! It was good.

The nameless guard led Noor down to the Palace dungeon where a number of Leonids were in detention. She looked around, and recognized one. Was his name Kari, or was it Karl? Kabi? It didn't matter. She remembered how she had had sex with him before marrying Noah, how what she did with his attractive body gave her intense pleasure... and now he was a traitor.

"You killed my children! My body wasn't enough for you! You had to steal my children's too! Did you fuck their corpses too?" she shouted out.

Her guard didn't dare intervene, but the Leonid looked shocked. "Your Majesty, that is lower than I ever expected from you. First you detain me here for no reason, and then you accuse me of being a paedophile necrophiliac!"

"Prove your innocence to me then," she said dryly, and held knife infront of him. "If you're innocent of what I accuse you of, you will take this knife and stab yourself with it in your heart. You will die innocent, and your honour will be restored".

The Leonid's face turned pale, and he said nothing.

"Do it!" she commanded.

Kari, Karl or whatever his name was, took the knife in his hand. By now the Jaysh al Sathrati soldier looked worried, and made sure to observe the events closely. The soldier would protect his queen at whatever cost. The Leonid held the knife simply, looked at it, looked at Noor.

"You can't expect me to kill myself just to prove that I didn't kill your children. Why don't you kill yourself to prove you didn't do it."

"Leonid, you promised me your total devotion and adoration. In your oath to me, you promised me your obedience until the end of the earth. You gave me your body, your thoughts. You are my slave, and you will obey this last command. Stab yourself in the heart now."

"I am not your slave! I have never been!"

"Kill yourself, slave!" Noor commanded once more.

"You whore. May Lest tear your heart open, and may the Margarine Cow pest your mind, and may Ahriman own your soul, and Loki deceive you in whatever you try to do."

"Soldier!" ordered Noor. "Kill that Leonid dog. Make it hurt."


Noor left the dungeon, hearing the ringing screams of the tortured Leonid murderer as her loyal Jaysh al Sathrati soldier performed as commanded. The Leonid had killed her children, he and all the other Leonids. They all ought to die. No, death was far too lenient a destiny for them. They had to be tortured in the worst possible ways, quartered, drawn and quartered...

She returned to her safe-space room in the Palace, hugged a pillow, and started planning. She felt suddenly quite energetic. She knew that the Leonids would avenge their fallen comrade. She had ordered his death without due process, and in a way deplorable to the law. She knew it, and while she didn't regret what she ordered, she feared for her surviving children's lives. They would be the next victims. That is how the Leonid Assayers would hurt her. Her, they could not hurt. But through her children, they could bend her on her knees. She'd do anything for her children.

The Assayers had bought the Leonids. She was sure of it. The Assayers' stronghold was in Lunaris. They had to be erradicated now.

She phoned the commander in chief of Jaysh al Sathrati.

"Commander -- I want you to raid..." she began, and then outlying how the wanted terror to reign over the Assayer stronghold, how she wanted everything in Lunaris to burn, how she wanted Assayers being so fearful of capture that they would rather kill themselves on the spot.

"The fate of my slain children demands vengeance."

Now, all her fear would die along with the Assayers and their kin. Then she'd deal with the Leonid traitors... Thankfully, they were mostly in detention now.

Noor as-Salaam
Queen of Goldshire, the Elian Lands, Leng, Elwynn, Amokolia and Uppland

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