Grimoindr: Ronové, the Fifth Demon

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Grimoindr: Ronové, the Fifth Demon

Post by Kizzy Drakland » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:10 am

The Glutton of Dusk Park
Demon-Lord of Amarr
Devotee and Mortal Lord/Lady of Amarr: None appointed


Ronové, the fifth demon lured away from Demonsfall. Ronové roamed the parks and greenspaces of Demonsfall after midnight, and when he happened upon an old dog, cat, man, or woman, would devour their souls, leaving them in a coma for the remainder of their short lives. He despises old and decrepit things. He has been given dominion over Amarr.

He absorbs the memories of his victims, and has become a master of all language on Micras and excels at persuasion, and can convince almost anyone to do anything after a moderate debate. He rewards the loyalty of servants, both his own and the servants of others. When he grants a favor to you, he will give the same favor to your foe.

As his devotee you will ensure Amarr has no old or decrepit things to anger Ronové, you will utilize and capitalize on his powers of rhetoric to your advantage and the improvement of the Domain.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Ronové, he will confound your tongue, so that you may speak to no one but him, and he will translate for you. After your 8 year contract expires, you will be fluent in all languages that have ever been uttered on Micras.
Kizzy Drakland
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