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 "Red Bridge" (2016) 
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He crosses the red bridge five times a week, generally at the evening, but that really depends on the time of the year. He speaks with his friend while walking all the thirty-five meters of path that join both lands at the sides of the motorway. It's truly a very brief walk, but it can be rich if one knows how to enjoy it.

Hundreds of vehicles go on the motorway every hour, at all times of the day. In the morning and the evening, the lanes get full of vehicles of all types that obstruct and immobilise one another. The same thing occurs in the streets and avenues that run into the motorway, and sometimes even the ones that go over the motorway. Impatience and bad humour congestionate in such a wide artery, and that makes him think five times a week, when without stopping his calm walk he looks how the white and the red lights advance very slowly and gather. He thinks of the drivers and the passengers of the vehicles as trapped people--people who trapped themselves in the present of a maze without exit. Sometimes he wonders what took them to the place where they are now; why they are there instead of somewhere else. These thoughts are often followed by a more general one: why do they exist. And why he exists himself, although he stares at his hands, believing that they can't be that real, after all. He asks himself why he breathes, what makes him breathe; he wants to make the question aloud, and what finally comes from his mouth is a shy whispered "Why...?". His friend attentively listens. He has no answer to these questions and he never will, but still he attentively listens, wishing he could one day understand what his friend means.

The night has come already, and the moon watches everything from the other side of the red bridge. He walks with his look on his feet, somewhat low-spirited. He hasn't realised that two young girls go ahead. They feel the steps behind their backs, they turn their faces around and see a scrawny, ungainly figure with his look hidden. The girls get scared and grab each other by the arm; they keep talking to distract their common fear, to hide it. He looks sideways the pairs of white lights, then the shadows of the car drivers. Then he can't help turning his face towards the motorway. He is trapped, too, in his own way. There is some fluency in the traffic this night. His friend looks at him in silence. At the middle of the walk, he decides to stop and take a moment to stare at the motorway. He introduces his fingers in the spaces formed by the reddish metal mesh, he grabs it, and squashes his nose and forehead against it, perhaps trying to be as close as possible to the action. There they are, living each their own live, existing each their own existence, circumstantially sharing the night on the motorway, going somewhere, because there must be somewhere to go.

"Are they real?", he asks for once to himself. "Or am I seeing something that does not exist?". He immediately corrects himself: "...Or I believe I see something that does not exist". He no longer feels the coldness of the metal mesh squeezing his fingers, and he doesn't perceive the pedestrians passing him by, and he doesn't feel in the slightest time slipping away to the same place than all the things that go to never return. Then he ceases feeling he belongs to what is surrounding him, looking at him. His friend is no longer there, he no longer is, he no longer is his friend. His senses become illusory in the red bridge; reality, dreams, and imagination melt and become a nameless something. And he stands in the middle of all that, until he stops being, too, not all the times but every now and then.

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