Opening of the 10th Imperial Synkletos

The Parliament of Constancia.

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Opening of the 10th Imperial Synkletos

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Ὀλυμπία Basilinna, Supreme Lord of Astérapolis, Aqaba, Raspur, Nivardom, Cario, Ithonion, Arak, and Nísos Aigón, Defender and Protector of the Patriarchal Orthodox Faith To Our trusty and well beloved loyal servants and subjects


WHEREAS, by and with the advice of Our counselors for certain arduous and urgent affairs concerning Us, the state, and defense of Our Imperial State and the Patriarchal Orthodox Faith, We have ordered a SYNKLETOS TO BE HELD at Our City of Petropolis on the 14th day of the 1st month of Phoinikaios 1701 in the 7th year of Our Reign

COMMANDING ALSO in accordance with the Magna Carta that Our loyal subjects are appointed to be Imperial Senators and Peers of the Synkletos:

His Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness The Prince of Molivadia

Her Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness Princess Esmeralda of Molivadia

Her Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness The Princess Rosamund

His Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness The Prince Iñigo

Zir Illustris Geórgios Maniakes, Frainan Streïakeï of the Imperial Army of Shireroth, Baron of Phelixia

Basil Tzimiskes, Baron of Tzimiskes

Demetrios Thesalonikis

Sarah Dravot

Alexandrukas Laskaris

Soheil Parastui

Theresa Leventi

Sebastiano Sarkis

Ambrose Zurlos-Castellanos

Sapphira Demopoulou

Soterios Kostas

Mirrita Panagopoulou

Theodora Kostopoulou

Dmitri Stavros

Aretina Rossou

Antares Papadakis

Hercules Nikolaides

Acastus Vlahakis

Viljo Kaljurand

Slavko Tadić

Gavrilo Ignjatović

Matthäus Koeppen

Garvin Hendriksson

Sebastiano Gianakos

Erasmus Kalfas

Kristiaan Vermakcilliers

Dietmar Schönbeck

Amir Ali Abbasi

Maximinus Kerularios

Emiliano Salieri

Lor Amfilus

Azardokht al-Osman

Alexios Paxos

Augustus Massey

Samira al-Osman

Ardashir Bābakān-e Osman

Jost Grobba

Vüqar Rugahi

Spiridon Bagration

Siavash Shereen Hashemi

His Imperial Highness The Lord Utas Enrique Naian, Prince of Shireroth, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Knight of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings.

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that 250 Dikastis shall be elected to this Synkletos, as provided by this Decree

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that the electoral districts of the Dikastis are as follows:

Nationwide at large, party-list: 40

Asterapolis - 4
Arak - 3
Arete -2
Cario - 4
Ithonion - 5
Aqabah - 1
Aqaba City -20
Nivardom - 10
Principality of Nivardom - 2
Mirran - 2
Shahrzadpolis - 2

Prosgeiosi Basileus - 5
Euranikon - 6
Krýon - 6
Nisian - 6
Oranjesion - 5
Zylenisi Dependency - 5
Principality of Molivadia -5

Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic - 1
Zugashvili - 1
West - 1
North - 1

Nouradin City - 1
Dometiopolis - 1
Hypatia - 1
Shahzamin - 1
Greater Molivadia - 1

Khanate of Raspur - 5
Raspur City - 10
Badehshahr - 5
Bandar-e Saghi - 5
Golshan-e Mey - 5
Shahbagh - 5
Mehrshahr - 5

Mitra - 5
Varaz - 5

Euran University Academe - 2
Euran University Alumni - 2
Nivardom Medical College Alumni - 1

Imperial Army - 2
Imperial Navy - 2
Imperial Air Force - 2
Home Guard - 2
Veterans - 2

Overseas electoral districts:

Cibola - 5
Benacia - 5
Tapfer - 5
Apollonia - 5
Keltia - 5
Eura - 5
Corum - 5
Raspurids Overseas - 5

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that the 9th Imperial Synkletos is hereby adjourned sine die and dissolved effective noon of 24.VI.1700, and the Imperial Senators and the Dikastis are discharged from their meeting and attendance accordingly

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that the Permanent Standing Committee of the 9th Imperial Synkletos shall continue to represent the interests of the Imperial Synkletos when the Imperial Synkletos is not sitting, and shall continue to exercise such powers granted to it by the Magna Carta and other laws

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that overseas absentee voting shall be permitted and facilitated by the Foreign Ministry, provided that only votes for the overseas electoral districts shall be permitted to be cast

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that subordinate details be the responsibility of the Election Commission

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that notice of the time and place of election being duly given, that the Poll be held on the 10th day of the 15th month of Dioscouros 1700

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that proclamation of electoral winners take place as soon as possible prior to the convention of the Imperial Synkletos

AND WE DO FURTHER DECLARE that sums necessary for the conduct of this exercise as required shall be appropriated from the Treasury

AND WE FINALLY DECLARE that Our Armed Forces shall provide adequate security for all their persons

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.

WITNESS Ourselves at Asterapolis in the 15th day of the 3rd month of Lanotropios 1700 in the 13th year of Our Reign

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