Appointment of a Government

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Appointment of a Government

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Πετερ Τηε Τηιρδ Basileus, Supreme Lord of Vey, Portus Felix, Ad Pontes, Elaion, Craiss and Metaxia, Cario, Idolgi, Ithonion, Oranjesion, Nivardom, and Aqaba, Defender and Protector of the Patriarchal Orthodox Faith To Our trusty and well beloved loyal servants and subjects


WHEREAS We are in need of a Government to assist Us and advise Us on many matters of State and

WHEREAS Article 55 of the Magna Carta provides that the respective Ministers of State shall give their advice to the Basileus, and be responsible for it, and that all Laws, Decrees, and documents of whatever kind, that relate to the affairs of the state, require the countersignature of a Minister of State

COMMANDING ALSO in accordance with the Magna Carta that Our loyal subjects are appointed to be Ministers of State accordingly:

Nikola Stavridis

Spiridon Bagration
Minister of the Imperial Court

Constantine Welleys
Minister of the Imperial Household

Athanasia Demetria
Foreign Minister and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Micras Treaty Organization

Soterios Kostas
Minister of Defense

Guglimundo Kupras
Minister of Munitions and Military Logistics

Mikhail Souvlakis
Minister of Finance and International Trade and Industry

Ahmeras Dekalion
Minister for Budget and Management

Heinrich Scholl
Minister for Labor and Employment

Zenaida Arnhus
Minister for Education

Sapphira Demopoulou
Minister of the Interior and Local Government

Elutherios Raktivan
Minister of Justice and Immigration

Mirrita Panagopoulou
Minister of Energy

Viljo Kaljurand
Minister for Reconstruction and Infrastructure

Andrea Pandes
Minister for Public Health

Alexandros Kriezis
Minister for Civil Defense

Cifras Kuroumboulis
Minister for Transportation

Apolyon Marinakis
Minister of Maritime

Theodosious Lakksim
Minister for Information and Communications

Kalyar Podesta
Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation

Theodora Kostopoulou
Minister for Housing, Resettlement and Social Welfare

Aretina Rossou
Minister for Women

Antares Papadakis
Minister for Veterans

Hercules Nikolaides
Minister for Youth

Stefanos Themistoklis
Minister for Aqabah

Alexios Paxos
Minister for Molivadia

AND that Our Armed Forces shall provide adequate security for their persons and offices

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.

WITNESS Ourselves at Aqaba in the 13th day of the 10th month of Psydros 1667 in the 48th year of Our Reign.

By His Imperial Majesty's Command:

Bagration Stavridis

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