Proclamation: Primo de Aguilar to Autokrator

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Proclamation: Primo de Aguilar to Autokrator

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Πετερ Τηε Τηιρδ by the Grace of God and the Fountains of the Kingdom of Constancia Basileus Head of the Constancian Church Defender of the Faith To all whom these presents shall come, the Basileus Megaliótate sends


WHEREAS Our Most Trusted and Honoured Strategos Primo de Aguilar, Kanikleios Basileusa Megaliótate Cleo, Strategos of Oranje, Grand Knight Commander of The Order of the Great Kingdom of Constancia and in recognition of His proven ability and wisdom and His deserved place in Constanica, We express Our full confidence in Him and His act

LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that We do by these Presents advance, create and prefer Our Most Trusted and Honoured Strategos Primo de Aguilar, Kanikleios Basileusa Megaliótate Cleo, Strategos of Oranje, Grand Knight Commander of The Order of the Great Kingdom of Constancia to the Authority and Power of Autokrator of Constancia until the return of Our wife Basileusa Cleo

AND FINALLY WE DECLARE that he may style himself as Co-Ruler of the Kingdom

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.

WITNESS Ourself at The Constitutional Palace the 24th day of Kraneios in the 39th year of Our Reign.
By The Basileus Himself Signed with His Own Hand,


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Primo de Aguilar
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Re: Proclamation: Primo de Aguilar to Autokrator

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The 24th day of Kraneios was just like any other, with the added inconvenience that the pile of paper on his desk (one of five) was getting taller. He tried to slough it off to his other factotums if it involved minutiae or trivium that he wasn't particularly in the mood to do, provided that he personally performed the imprimatur before each communication was dispatched. It saved time and effort that way.

His scribbling was interrupted by the steady march of boots on the floor, as he looked up to see through the open door, two uniformed officers of the Basileusan Private Guard knock, salute, and enter his office, to be warily watched by two of their similarly-uniformed (albeit armed) brethren who did fine jobs impersonating the decorative ivory columns on the walls behind them.

A wonderfully purple-and-gold beribboned document was proffered, which he stood and took with grace and ceremony, at which he paused momentarily and forthwith proceeded with the party to the awaiting vehicles.


The journey was short, made expedient by the fact that he had an armed military escort, and the flags on the vehicle hood were sufficient reason for the odd motorist to hasten out of the way. Soon, the Palace came into view, the vehicle paused at the proper entryway, where he got out, every step on the carpet and marble measured, confident, and dreaded.

Then, he announced into a room. Not at the Throne Room, as most considered, but rather at a rather regally gaudy music room that contained instruments of that nature - a grand piano and a harp.

A quick scan of the room and he averted his eyes, as he noted the presence of His Constancian Majesty, dressed in an Army uniform that had more golden accoutrements and medals on it than plain cloth.

Primo de Aguilar bowed and took a knee, setting his sight on the exquisite detail of the carpet before him. The Basileus appeared worse for wear, and spoke with a rather raspy voice, but stood as straight as any Constancian soldier. A white-gloved hand was extended and he was told to rise, which he did. It brought a rare memory of when Primo de Aguilar had once kissed hands for his first Consulship.

A few quiet words were said, all of which stirred fear in his heart. A small golden object and a leather folio was pressed into his hands, and he was dismissed.

He retreated slowly, face towards the Basileus, eyes at the floor. Then the double doors closed, and he found himself alone at a nearby palace anteroom.

He took ten minutes to compose himself, then marched out the door.

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