Daily Lightbringer: FNORD nominations open

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Daily Lightbringer: FNORD nominations open

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ELIRIA - Ric Lyon, chairman of the Froyalan National Organisation for Recognising Distinction (FNORD), announced today that nominations for the 2019 edition of his organisation's award ceremony would be open today. Named as judges were Joe Foxon from Mercury and Barnaby Hands of Senya, with Edgard from Alduria also volunteering. No deadline has been set for the nominations, nor has it been announced when the results will be published. The nominations thread can be found here. It is not yet known whether the Jingdaoese Empire will host the Purity Awards, which have acted as an alternative for the FNORDs in earlier years.
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Re: Daily Lightbringer: FNORD nominations open

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Ah, the good old Purity Awards... :whip:
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