Declaration of War

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Declaration of War

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Y Swyddfa Brenhinol y Gwlad y Calbain

History tells us of the destruction of war and the devestating results of threatening international harmony and peace. No country has experienced more of the horrors of warfare than our great nation of Calbion. It therefore is our strong conviction that the world must come together as one, united in its aim for peace and a global society. It is to that end that we have alligned ourselves with other nations who hold a similar view. Together, we can and must ensure global harmony. The Blackrock Pact to us as Calbain, was not just the last piece in the great puzzle of rebuilding our nation and healing wounds of the past, it was also a strongly idealistic endeavour to seek a place on the world stage together with those of good will, who desire peace on earth.

It therefore is with great sadness that we have witnessed the nation of Constancia declare war on our Jingdaoese brothers, deliberately insulting their leader, and threatening military action against the nation of Jingdao. Calbion can not sit still and watch, as the harmony of the world is threatened.

Our great philosopher-King Llywelyn the second famously said that, without strenght, there can be no respect and without respect, there can be no peace. This, my fellow Calbain, is a time to show strength and to demand respect. We will aid our ally in the fight against Constancia where we can, not only because we are bound to do so, but because it is a just cause. It is the cause of international harmony.

It is for those reasons that today, we are at war. Our enemy is not only the enemy of the members of that great alliance, the Blackrock Pact, but the enemy of all those who value peace and who value liberty. With a heavy heart, but with a strong conviction, I, Jack, second of my name, King of the Calbain, together with the High Council and the Governors of our nation, declare war on Constancia.

Done by His Majesty the King of the Calbain in the year 174 Ôl Dyfodiad

Jack II
1.Titus Morvayne, Prefect of Shirekeep, Count of the Skyla Islands
2.Eki Aholibamah Verion, Queen in the North
3. Ludovic Verion, Lord of Blackstone and Governor-General of the Iron Company
4. Jeremy Harwinsson Archer, super sleuth

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