Oranje Social Democratic Progressive Party (SDPP) Platform

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Oranje Social Democratic Progressive Party (SDPP) Platform

Post by Markus Doltrue » Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:44 pm

I would like to register a satellite party of the Calbionish SDPP for Oranje.

Social Democratic Progressive Party (SDPP) Platform:

1) Universal paid for health care for all Oranjeans
2) Universal paid for college education for all Oranjeans
3) Creation of an Equality and Social Justice Council (ESJC) committed to protecting ethnic, gender, and religious diversity in Oranje
4) Massive public works projects to promote social unity, welfare, and progress
5) Freedom of speech, religion, and press
6) Universal basic income
7) Hosting a Micras Peace Summit to promote peace on the planet Micras and the ultimate elimination of all war through increased diplomatic efforts


Markus Doltrue

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