Olympia's Vey University

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Ivo Angus
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Olympia's Vey University

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The Megálo Paláti tou Vey has announced that the Royal family will be investing time, effort and money in organizing the construction of a new university.

Those plans were officially published by the Palace earlier today and have already been met with a lot support among the people. The university will be located in Vey, near Queen Alexandra's Library and its construction starts immediately.

'To embrace modern technologies, educate young skilled people, provide support for the emerging sciences, etc.' were the intentions behind the plan, but also to 'keep intact with traditional Constancian science and art'. The idea was originally inspired by the young Princess Olympia who felt the need for a scientific community beyond the walls of the Old Library. She personally stated that she hoped "the building will be constructed within the shortest amount of time possible and allow the genius Constancian youngers the best service of education in the entire kingdom'. Many rumours have already spread as to who and how will the uni be administered as people are also suggesting that perhaps its patron would be their Princess of Hearts.

However, until the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a stream of work and involvement awaits...

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Princess Olympia
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Re: Olympia's Vey University

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As the announcement spread throughout Vey and Constancia, a lot of fresh support came to the Royal family. The people themselves offered support and professional help, so a team of very skilled professionals was created. Within days of starting the project, a full and detailed plan of the University was built and a model constructed.

On behalf of the Basileus, Princess Olympia attended the groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction. She made a short statement wishing the builders well, promising the Basileus' support and said that "once into action, the University will provide what is necessary to every Constancian younger who wishes to receive the best quality of education in the land and use one's potential to the fullest."

The design of the university is pretty complicated, however the manager promised to complete it within the set deadlines and budget. The university is expected to give education to thousands of people per year and become the centre of modern scientific research.

Princess of Constancia

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Strategos Metaxas
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Re: Olympia's Vey University

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The University of Vey has today announced that it is to form a University Militia under the command of its Vice-Chancellor, Andreos Metaxas, who is now accorded the rank of Strategos.

The University's Aviation Research Programme has also announced that it is modifying its first prototype Jet aircraft, the Javelin, into an armed light attack aircraft which will form the basis of the University Air Squadron. An appeal has been put out to all private and commercial owners of light aircraft to donate their planes to the Squadron.
The Akintos (Javelin)

Meanwhile, the ESB Expedition to Vey has established its base of operations at the University, citing the range of research equipment and the presence of archaeological and engineering departments unrivalled in the continent of Eura.
Andreas Metaxas | Mesazōn of Constancia | Exkoubitorōn Theos

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Basileusa Cleo
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Re: Olympia's Vey University

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The Basileusa has sent a message of warm congratulation to the University for its effors and hardwork. She has personally thanked Strategos Metaxas for taking over and noted "such Constancians prove in action our nation's true character!". Cleo has also offered any help that would allow the university to expand its programme.
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