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    A distant land where nothing was thought to stir - until now.

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    Basic Information about Khalypsil

    Postby Vilhelm Benkern » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:19 pm

    Official Name of State: The Union of Blessed Followers in Khalypsil
    Short Name: Khalypsil
    Demonym: Khalypsid
    Adjective: Khalypsine/Khalypsiline
    Form of Government: Theocratic-monarchical oligarchy
    Currency: 1 Blessing = 72 Pledges = 216 Fingers
    Motto: From Death Comes Life
    Population: Information not available
    Capital city: Drunshur
    Other settlements: Bandadare, Tangebast
    Vilhelm Benkern DEOMI, Member of the Order of the Dragon, Silver Swan, Red Dragon
    Dirigent of Musica, Count of Mar Sara
    In Aryasht Prapta Vrteti, former Prince of Aryasht; Zaila Vrteti, Norfolknath
    In Elwynn Benjamin Sebasokrator Timothy Quentin Kern, Duke of Raikoth
    In Khalypsil Representative of the Wisdom
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