They eat babies while you sleep!
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  • They eat babies while you sleep!
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  • Drunzhôr

    A distant land where nothing was thought to stir - until now.

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    The Drunzhôr (formally 'Drun's Zhôr' meaning place of safety) is the heart of the union, the most sacred place on Khalypsil. This oasis location was revealed to Drun during his first life and has remained a sanctuary for secluded meditation for him ever since. It is also home to retired Wardens and, at the mouth of the western valley through which the only navigable entrance lies, the Wisdom also have a meeting hall to discuss matters with the Drun. The waters are the purest on the continent, and the vegetation is lush and free, as it was before the collapse. The Drunzhôr represents the promise of the future - a sacred relic of the flowering of the land.
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