The Coronation of Zakyyr

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The Coronation of Zakyyr

Post by Aldin »

The main chamber of the Supreme Court had been made ready for the coronation ceremony, upon Emperor-select Zakyyr's suggestion. Aldin had made arrangements to reconfigure the chamber to be conducive to the ceremony. Most of the tables and desks were removed. The Imperial Regalia were displayed on the high bench, where the Justices would normally sit. As a quirk of history, the Chief Justice's chair was in fact, a replica of the Caprine Throne known as the Caprine Chair, from the days before the judicial reforms when the Emperor presided over trials himself. The new emperor would therefore be crowned while sitting in this Chair.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, once the ambassadors, ministers, and guests had been seated, Aldin began the ceremony. Aldin began the ceremony sitting in the Chair, representing the Church's ultimate responsibility over the emperor.

Zakyyr silently processed down the aisle and stood in front of the high bench, and bowed to Aldin.

"Gentle calves, welcome to the Supreme Court, the source of law and order for the Empire. From here, the Emperor's Justices dispense rulings for the vast land stretching from golden Cibola, to frigid Keltia, to fair Apollonia, to ancient Benacia, to rich Eura, to far-off Corum. The Emperor of the Natopians is often the single unifying factor throughout this diverse and disparate empire.

"The Emperor must be strong, courageous, and decisive. Rulers of Natopia since the first imperial chancellors have wielded the Sword of Sovereignty, and so too must Zakyyr." Aldin handed down to Zakyyr the sword, always left unsheathed. Zakyyr accepted it, bowed to Aldin, and held it aloft.


"The Emperor must be just, pure, and authoritative. The Sceptre-de-Natopi is the ancient symbol of law." Aldin removed the sceptre from its velvet-lined box and handed it to Zakyyr.


"The Emperor must be aware of tradition, progressive, and sympathetic. The Imperial Crown of Natopia, with its heavy history from a time of great transitions, will remind Zakyyr of the responsibility he must bear." Aldin picked up the crown and walked down to the floor of the court, placed it on Zakyyr's head who was now kneeling, sword in one hand, sceptre in the other.


As Zakyyr stood up, he walked around to the bench and stood in front of the Caprine Chair. "Now, Zakyyr, Emperor of the Natopians, be seated on the Caprine Chair, from where you will dispense justice with a strong and steady hand!"

Zakyyr sat down, and the crowd clapped.
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Re: The Coronation of Zakyyr

Post by Zakyyr Angus-Moonoak »

Zakyyr was definitely at his highest, finally and literally reaching the top - Emperor of the Natopians! For once in his life, his lust for power was fulfilled. He was Emperor! He looked at the gentlemen and women assembled in the room, both those who passionately supported him and those who mistrusted him. In a way he had allowed them to fight each other whilst the personally fighting for the Caprine Throne - his throne. He had once gave his word to Asara to serve her to the best of his ability. Today, he had made a commitment to Bous and to the Natopian Nation. Bearing in mind the curse he bared, Zakyyr honestly intended, to the best of his power-hungry nature, to spend his life in service of his subjects. But, of course, victory was a sweet devil and he would not miss the chance to assert his dominance over those in the room, some of them the bloody bastards openly opposing his claims to what was rightfully his. In a step carefully planned and announced to Aldin minutes before the ceremony, Zakyyr had insisted that after the actual coronation, all the attendees go past him, bow to him and kiss his right hand as a symbol of their allegiance, and service, to him - Aldin included.

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